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Friday, October 8, 2010

But thats your daddy

My poor husband. My sweet girl does not like to be held by him at all, not sure why. He was home for the first 3 weeks and held her all the time she would sleep in his chest alot. then he went back to work, which is night shift and so he sleeps during the day and is up with us between 4-10pm. Now as soon as I give her to him, she just starts screaming, and cannot be calmed down. I can see that its breaking his heart.

the only time he can hold her now is when she is already asleep. I know his misses his daddy baby time with her, hopefully this phase ends soon


A Wedding Story said...

Poor guy!!

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

Poor guy, my mom says I was the same way, I was born one week before golf season kicked off in NY and my dad's a golf pro, so he was gone 12 hours day she said til I was really sitting up and actually playing (like 3-4 months) it was pretty hit or miss, but once I was playing and laughing, I started becoming a Daddy's girl again and reached for him whenever he was home. Good luck!