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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cover what?!?!

Stylish Nursing Covers
Right now Udder covers is offering a great deal, more then a deal.. it's free!!!!
Using the free code you can get any Nursing Cover of your choice for free.. just pay S & H

I have purchased (2) covers from this company I have both shown below and love them.. they are lightweight, and pretty large to keep from flashing any onlookers....
Funny Story.... while at the Maryland Renn fest, I was sitting on a bench feeding Emmaline behind one of these Udder Covers, when a man walked by with his eyes almost glued to me.. as if he was waiting for me to invite him to join the show or something.. when he said ...
"watcha got on tap.. Irish cream or Dulce de leche" as he chugged down the rest of his beer. His friend (who had chugged one too many himself) chimed in " Irish cream???? Um I think she's Italian"

Go to , click on "Shop Now", select the nursing cover you would like and you will automatically be repositioned to the center of the page where you can enter in the promo code “Thanksgiving” which will bring your product total to $0! Holiday shopping and preparations always dwindle selections quickly! You can use the code more than once - you just have to open a new browser/window to do so.

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