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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ooops I think I just snorted

We did the bath, the lotion, and warm jammies, the little book reading, a clean diaper, and some boobie time.. and my darling girl was in her bed, for the next few hours.... then it was time for the Mr & I to have a movie night.... which movie you ask...

It was stinkin hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both did our fair share of all out laughing (possibly a snort or two), then looking at each other once we realized how loud we had been grabbing the baby monitor and holding it to our ear, silently praying that the hystericals had not woken the child....

There where a few... um ... without giving the movie away, ... how should I say... parts I found extremely funny being a breastfeeding mama.

speaking of breastfeeding, (insert LARGE warning sign here) If you do not want to cross the personal TMI boundary then stop reading here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

........ Those who have or know anything of breastfeeding know it sure has a way of changing ones appearance, in a not so "lovely Lady Lumps" kinda way once you have passed the no longer always Full stage, and after a bout of engorgement followed by a bout of the dreaded "M" word, those once "lady lumps" may now have a few.... (thinking of nice way to say it..) "stretch mommy marks"....... If you fit into that category... do NOT check out Selma Hayek's boobs in that movie... they will drive you to thoughts of how many years you would have to wait, while depositing all of your spare change into a high interest yielding savings account, so some type of augmentation.

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Jen Watts said...

ha!! first, so glad you and your hubby had some movie time, second, I am sooo laughing at your boobie comments...because I can relate ;)