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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Well let me explain

I know it has been a while, however.. it has been a while since I did much of anything...

let me break it down for ya

  • Sweet baby love got an ear infection and was on ammox so we pretty much stayed close to home.
  • Boss started driving me crazy, then I started thinking & praying about it, talked to the Mr and decided to NOT return from Maternity Leave ...... Hello SAHM ( I am still teaching one day a week)
  • Stressed out about going back to work until I decided not too... especially because little miss thing HATES bottles and really only takes them when it comes down to drink this or starve, not really more like: mom won't be home for a couple hours and Gammy's boobies just won't cut it
  • took little princess for 2 mon shots and she had a horrible reaction to the DtaP and almost had to go to the ER


Jen Watts said...

yikes!! I just dread the first time baby girl gets sick! At least you've got that under your belt!! Congrats on being a SAHM- I COMPLETELY understand the pressures of work and being a mom- way to go girl!
I am also dreading when Carsyn gets her shots..which brings me to a question, have you or do you plan on getting your daughter's ears pierced?

Anna said...

Wow...I was wondering what was up with you:) Sorry your precious lil baby was sick & then had a rx to her shot...that stinks! Glad you get to be a SAHM! God WILL provide EVERYTHING you need:) I know it because He's done it for us! Enjoy Mommyhood, it goes by SO fast:)

Jennie said...

Sorry things have been so rough:( I'm glad you get to be a SAHM tho! I hope your little one improves quickly and things get back to normal. Praying for ya:)