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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Here we go again..

All these nights, that just seem to be getting worse the ones with no sleep.. and a screaming baby are hopefully coming to an end. This morning my girl got up after another rough nite and was not acting herself at all. I tried to feed her and she wouldnt eat however she was acting hungry. With all that we have dealt with regarding her reflux.. not eating is something I am very familiar with.. so I tried all the tricks that I know of and nothing was working.. I started to put my mommy knowledge and nursing knowledge together and thought I better make a pedi appt and see is she has an ear infection,...

Well, I did and she does.......a DOUBLE.

I knew it.. two days ago the thought crossed me mind and I should have taken her then but she was acting much differently then the last ear infection she had. Most likely because she is older now.

Im sure your wondering why she has had so many ear infections especially since she does not go to daycare and is breastfed... well thats just another perk of having a reflux baby... they are prone to ear infections.. which is why we may be looking into tubes.

Im starting her on ABX today along with ear drops and tylenol every 4 hours.. praying that tonight is different and tomorrow is better.


Lindsey said...

So sorry! Weird thing.. (knock on wood)... we have yet to have an ear infection. Hopefully she gets better and you get some sleep!

Jen Watts said...

awww...poor little sweetie...the worst thing about this age is them not being able to tell you anything :(

way to trust your mommy instincts!