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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tylenol PM for babies???

While the title of this post may be just a little mommy humor... don't think last night I didn't think about, when I was up ALL. NIGHT. LONG... again.

My child had the same kinda night as the one before, with the horrible gas pains.... thankfully it I think its over, or was over as of around 4am, when she finally went to sleep peacefully.

Everytime I would get back in my bed, I would hear it.. that sound that no mommy wants to hear over the monitor... the scream, the one that means "Something is not right".. I would jump out of bed and get to her room, just to find her arching her back and thrashing again. Seriously though by the time morning was coming, there was no more jumping out of bed, it was more of a fall out of bed crawl across the floor movement.

At one point I actually woke up next to her crib on the floor (dont worry she was in her crib)... I guess I knew I would be back in there shortly why not gave a few more seconds of rest.

So as I was rocking her around 0'dark thirty I wondered why they dont just make infant tylenol PM, then I thought to myself... well its just acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine.. I know we have infant tylenol and benadryl..... I kid, I kid.

SO of course, after having barely any sleep last night, now that the house is quite and the baby sleeping.. here I am typing away... when I should be sleeping too...

Of course wondering/hoping/praying... that tonight, could possibly go a little bit better...

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Lindsey said...

Connor goes through spells of that as well. He would wake up screaming bloody murder. At first we used to run in there and rock him back to sleep. Now we just ignore it and he will fall asleep within a couple of minutes. It is hard to do it, but it keeps him from getting used to rushing right to him at every peep. I always think he is having nightmares when he does it.