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Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Food in a bag... GIVEAWAY

Two giveaways in a row???? Since Mr. Policeman's surgery is on Monday I don't know how much I will be on here next week (You have heard of the "man cold".. right??? Well the "Man Injury" is 10x's worse) so I wanted to make sure everything got posted in time.

I'm sure you have noticed from all of the messy face photos, that Baby Sweetpea has been getting into more and more solids... so far we are up to.. Rice cereal, Prunes, Apples, Bannanas, & Pears... the pears are surely her favorite and I'm sure she would eat them until she exploded. Actually the empty bowl of pears are usually accompanied by some tears...

I have posted before about how I have been making all of my own baby food.. except for grains and prunes, and it has been going great... it's super easy, and much less expensive but that's a post for another day. Even though I make her food.. I still like to have some packaged baby food on hand for trips,  or if she's with gammy it's just easier. 

So here are the ones I have found that I really, really like.

These portable pouches make feeding on the go very simple. (What the heck am I saying.. feeding on the go & simple should never be in the same sentence... so we will say easier!!!) You just unscrew the cap, squeeze, and feed. I have a few friends who actually give these to their older babies (12-16m) and just let them suck it out of the pouch.. they are great for field trips, or afternoons at the park, or for meltdowns in the know when mom needs a snack... cuz theres no way I would be handing this squishy pouch in the backseat.  Like I mentioned earlier I don t make my own prunes so I have been buying the "Just Prunes" for E!

I have also purchased some Peter Rabbit Organics veggie blends for when we get to mixing different things together... I'm not gonna lie.. I have actually bought the Peter Rabbit Organics fruit blends for myself... I put them into my smoothies, sometimes. But again same concept you just twist em open and enjoy... hmmm now that I think of it, thats the same way I feel about this bottle of Reisling I picked up for the weekend!

A sweet friend of mine gave me a box of Sprout Organic Baby food pouches... I know, I know... I owe her... It was such a thoughtful thing to pass along! 
They have starter (basic one ingredient foods), intermediate (Simple Combinations), & advanced (meals w/ texture)... but all in a pouch..and all organic. 


I am giving away (1) Pouch from each of these three companies. 
Plum- 1 pouch of Prunes
Peter Rabbit- 1 pouch of Strawberry & Bannana
Sprout- 1 Pouch of Roasted Bannanas & Brown Rice

Here is how to enter
How to enter
 1 entry- Comment and tell me what your go to brand of baby food is and be a public follower of this blog (mandatory)
1 entry- "Like" 5k's and Chardonnay on facebook (if you want to you can also leave some FB love and comment... but its not required)
1 entry- Grab my button and add it to your page
3 entries- Post about this giveaway on your blog

(Leave a comment for each thing that you do, and please leave your email address in at least one of the comments)

Giveaway ends Friday Feb 25th at midnight, winner chosen by
(This Giveaway is in no way Sponsored by any of these companies, nor did I receive any type of compensation for the things I wrote... just one momma to another)


Cheryl E. said...

Yay! Loving your blog, I am now a follower :)

Shannon said...

I'm a follower go sho and I like you on FB-that sounds so silly. I've been making kps food but I'm thinking these pouches sound Devine!! ESP for traveling!!

Jennifer said...

We are currently making Sawyer's baby food but I have heard good things about Plum. I've heard it is pricey but that Babies R Us sometimes has sales on it. I'd love to try it!

jmtblack at gmail dot com.

Jennifer said...

And, i just "liked" your blog on facebook!

Megan said...

I have yet to start baby food, and I will be making most of it. If I had to pick I would go with the organics baby line though. I am a follower!