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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vitamin D

Yesterday, was a weather fluke.... in the middle of February we got a 75 degree, very sunny day. It was crazy... then a cold front blew in it was a friday, and a full moon.... sure glad Im not still working as a nurse because we all know thats when the crazies come out of the woodworks. ...Back to the summer day.. little miss and I met up with our buddy "J" and his mom for a stroll around the park.

Of course this was my first time doing the park scene on a warm day with my BABY... So you could just say I may have overpacked for the occasion a bit.... I had enough toys to fill a 50 gallon trash bag, the camera, a blanket, a stocked diaper bag, ........I THOUGHT I had everything.

As we were walking around, I heard the all to familiar sound... of a small piece of plastic & rubber hitting a hard surface... Im sure all the mom's are now thinking "O-no the paci" Yup you guessed it... and it just so happens that, while packing the entire nursery I completely forgot to refill the zebra print Amy Coe paci holder I have hanging from the diaper bag. Of course, as soon as she threw it out of the stroller onto the walking path.. she cried for it.. and it most likely wasnt going to stop until she got it back...

So I did what every other super mom would have done....I followed the words of my late grandmother... "just kiss it up to jesus".. and then I popped it right back in her mouth...well, after I poured out almost my entire bottle of dasani water over it.... It's just building immunities right?!?!....Don't judge... I mean come on if thats the only dirt that ever makes it into her mouth.. I will be very shocked.

As we walked around the park.. with every other mother in this county, I was getting more and more excited for my friday night date with a good bottle of reisling the weather to stay like this so I can make weekly trips like this to the park with my little lovebug, However I might think about just buying a seasonal pass to the park instead of paying $6 bucks everytime I go.

I am such a people watcher.. When the hubs and I were dating we would love sitting places at the mall and just watching the things people do.. I would always make up stories about the lives of the strangers that walked past us.... "He's freaking out cuz his baby momma just caught him walking around with his new girlfriend"... "Look at that screaming kid.. watch the moms about to offer him a piece of candy if he stops screaming".....Well let me just tell you there is a TON of people watching available at the park when it's full of women.

We walked past the petting zoo and I saw a mother taking like 72 photos of her son standing in front of the fence where the momma cows and calves were at... really lady are you going to make an entire scrapbook about your little boy and a side of beef cow? Actually I can't really talk.. I have already told you guys about my recent diagnosis of ladywhotakeswaytoomanyphotosofherchild. But this isnt about me... its about what I heard this little boy say next... as the baby cow walked over to the mother cow.."Momma look she has stretchy nunnies like you do".... so glad that wasn't me!

Then I saw a mom there who, by the way she was dressed looked slightly out of place, she had on light khaki pants(a park no-no), Etienne Aigner riding boots, a white 3/4 length sleeve shirt, with an Anne Taylor cardigan over her shoulders and tied in the front..really lady are you going to nigh noon tea, or the park.. where there is mud, and rocks, and kids.. O my. I heard her yell to her son and then grab him by the hand and pull him over to the grass.."Tristen.. look how dirty you are, were leaving, let's get in the car.. I told you NOT to get dirty". Ummmm why in the world did you come to the park with a mud magnet four year old boy while there is melting snow if you didnt plan for him to get dirty.. thats like saying your going to take a shower but not get wet. Good thing poor little Tristan didnt spot the mud from all of the melting snow...that feels so weird typing "melting snow" along with "playing at the park"... thats Maryland for ya.

By the time we came home I was so ready to grab my running shoes and hit the trail.. to bad it was getting late. I felt so refreshed after soaking up all of that vitamin D from the sun, getting out of the house after being cooped up in the sub zero degree weather for the past 38 months few months. Sadly the weather didnt stick around today its windy enough to travel mary poppins style and cold enough to put the JJ Cole Bundleme back in the carseat...

Spring please come early!


Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Oh, the things children say! So funny...when it's not your kid :-)

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

I love your sense of humor and sarcasm! Totally me!

I love the prissy mom, like the mom's in my store who come shopping in all dry clean only silk and stilettos with a small child who they let wander the store while they shop and then act shocked when we bring their child to them in the fitting room because the child either broke something or started bawling because they couldn't see mommy. I'm always thinking this spoiled mom needs a nanny.

Anna said...

Love it:) People watching is the best...just wait until you say something funny to your kid & think about what it was later...and laugh because you know someone else is laughing at you! Ha...anyways...Even though my kids are still "hacking up their lungs" I bundled them yesterday morning and we went for a nice LONG walk through out neighborhood! 50 degrees felt SOOOOO good. AJ jumped in every puddle he could find & was the happiest he had been in weeks! Even baby A was happy just looking up at the sky from the stroller & laughing when the wind blew in her face. So cute! I cannot WAIT for the spring to come!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

You have to soak it up when you can :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

We've been hitting the park every day lately. I am so, so ready for spring!!!

.dear.jenny. said...

that black and white is beautiful!