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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kick the Shine

You know the feeling, your at a summer cookout wearing your cute shorts, and a plaid spaghetti strap shirt... your hair is looking nice (hmmm kinda feel like Im describing the housewives of the OC)  but your skin is starting feel heavy.. you check it out in the bathroom and realize that you my friend have got the shine.....

We have all been there.. no matter what shine-free makeup you use.. it never seems to be enough to keep you from reflecting the sun right off the sweat on your face. It's usually on your forehead and your cheeks, and tends to resemble the younger 14 year old version of yourself. So what should you do about it???

Working in a Plastic/Derm office I tried my fair share of oil removing clothes, shine free make-up, etc. There is one product though.. that really did work..
OC Eight Professional Mattifying gel

You may have seen this product advertised on TLC 10 years younger, as well as glamour magazine, because it really does work. The name stands for  Oil Control for 8 hours. It works for upto 8 hours continually absorbing the oil that causes your face to shine. It's manufactured byt a great company called Biopelle.. that I truely love. I use so many of their products including the whole line of AFA.. but that is for another post.

You apply this gel in the morning it should be the last step after your sunscreen but before you apply your make-up... It will quickly even your skin tone, and keep your make up base in place. It has micro particles called acrysorb that lock in the oil on your face and keep it invisible to the naked eye until you wash your face at the end of the day, then you just wash away the oil as well. 

It will give you a true matte finish for those full 8 hours. Especially on the T-zone where most people tend to complain of excessive oil, that is because this area on the face has more sebaceous glands. When this glands start over producing they drain the color pigments of your make-up causing your skin to look gooey. By applying this product you will notice that your make looks flawless like you just applied your make-up. Its also a great product for people with acne, rosacea, and other skin disorders as it really helps to even out the skin tone.

I couldn't keep this product on the shelves when I worked at the office.. women loved it, and so do I. You only need a small bit of it each day and once it gets smoothed into your skin you really dont even feel it anymore. 

OC Eight can be purchased in most skin care studios at your dermatologist's office or from a plastic surgeon. You can also find it at

(These are my true opinions.. I was not paid for this product review, nor is it sponsored by biopelle in any way. This is a product that I truly love and wanted to share with you)


Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

Ooo might just have to pick up a bottle of that! I use oil absorbing strips, but I'd love to not need those little guys anymore!

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

Definitely something to consider! I need a new oil control something, my old Lancome one got discontinued and I'm almost out!