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Thursday, March 31, 2011


As long as E has been eating mum-mums we have been getting the veggie flavor, actually I should say as long as we have been eating them, those things are actually pretty good! During a recent trip to Tar-jay I realized that they also have banana flavored mum-mums. E loves her some bananas so I figured she would also loves these.......NOT. As soon as I tried one, I knew she wasn't going to like them, compared to the veggie they are VERY bland. I actually don't taste much banana at all they mostly just taste like rice, so we will be sticking to our favorites and getting veggie flavored. Of course I went back to target today and all they had was the banana flavored, so we may have to just ad them to our order.

We have also been getting puffs lately too. I totally buy the target brand, as the Gerber ones are much more expensive and they all taste the same to me. I am excited for E to finally master the pincher grasp so that I do not have to feed her the puffs anymore. The past few days I have had to toss them in her mouth, girlfriend loves to show off her chompers and bite down on anything that comes near her mouth.


Anna said...

If you don't want all the filler from the puffs all the time (note...I'm not against them I feed them to my kids too but they have a lot of crap in them!) we get puffed wheat (plain, not honey coated) and the kids love them...they melt easier than puffs too:) Usually in the organic section and really cheap (like a buck) for a huge bag!

Cheryl E. said...

Little C loves his Mum Mums but he gets so sticky from them. I have to get him down to his diaper so he is easier to clean up. Am I the only one who has this problem?

Britt said...

Puffs and Mum Mums are amazing!!!!