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Monday, March 28, 2011

No not another one..

Last night, was a horrible night. In fact it really reminded me of the newborn days. E is a good sleeper, while she does not actually sleep through the night, she goes to bed easily and puts her self to sleep, and if she does wake in the night, she goes back to sleep without much of a fuss. Well, that all ended two days ago. Last night I tried to put her to sleep after her normal bedtime routine, as soon as I laid her down in her crib, she started screaming. I thought, maybe she has learned that if she screams I will come back, so I let her go.. 3 hours later we were still trying to get her to sleep.

We were just at the doctors a few days ago to check her ears and the doctor said they were fine. The doctor thought that maybe she was teething. The past few days she has been a horrible napper too which is also very unlike her. Sister likes her naps, enough to sleep sometimes more then 2 hours. So as soon as the sleep is off I know something is up. Last night she screamed ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

I tried everything, and nothing worked, I even put her in bed with me, that was a nightmare. I think between the three of us we maybe got an hour of sleep. So I called the pedi and left a message, she said she wanted to see her.

We went in today, and she looked in her ears and said they looked great, her throat also looked good, nothing was really a red flag as to what could e going on. However with E's ear history the doctor wanted to do a test to measure the sound waves to check for deeper fluid.

The poor girl screamed and screamed during the test, which the assured me was painless. The results came back, and showed that the sound waves were moving fine in the L ear, but not good at all in the R ear, indicating deep fluid.

We left with another script for Ammox, and instructions to treat with ibuprofen. I really hope this takes care of it. I really hate to see this poor girl, in this much pain.

Thankfully we go to see the ENT in about a week, to discuss tubes.


Mrs. Mama said...

so sorry to hear about your night and how bad your little one is feeling. hopefully she starts feeling better soon.

Traci said...

Oh no! That sounds just like what we've got going on. Baby Girl wakes up screaming like the world is coming to an end. She is going to the doctor tomorrow to get her ears checked too. I thought all this breast feeding was suppose to help prevent ear infections!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Your poor little one :( We've been having some rough nights here lately too, but I think ours is all teething. I hope you can get everything with her ears figured out. That's got to be tough.

Jen Watts said...

Seems like everyone is having rough nights :( Carsyn is a good sleeper too but something has been different lately. The drs think it might be a uti so we are having tests done Thursday. It's the worst when your little one is sick. Em is such a lucky girl to have a momma like you-hope she gets feeling better!