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Saturday, May 28, 2011

8 month stats a bit late.

This post has MOM FAIL written all over it.. 
yes my daughter will be 9 months in 1 week..
{ahhhhh.. cue the tears, and pour the drink}
I had every intention of posting this sooner
as in right around the time she turned 8 months
I really wanted her stats in there too
so I had to wait until her pedi appt
which just happened.

So since her 9 month post will be in just a little over a week
this update will be short and sweet.


Weight 17 pounds
Length 27.5 inches

You {were} Still nursing 4 times a day up until just about a week ago, when you decide the boob just wasnt for you anymore, you started pushing it away like you do your spoon when you are full after a meal. Of course momma was upset, but was pretty much ok with it. Oddly enough though you still nurse once at 5am and then go back to sleep for a while. You don't eat that much baby food by way of spoon any more.. you are eating alot of table foods.
This month we introduced 

You still love fresh strawberries, but I think your yobaby yogurt has taken the place of carrots in your life.

Sleep has been different this whole month, you were good for a while, then we both got colds, and you had a hard time breathing at night so you were up again, then when you decided you didnt want to nurse anymore you also started sleeping alot more, not really waking up as much. 

You are all girl.. you have started staring into peoples eyes as you ramble on, with lots of high pitches.. you "talked" to daddy the other night for almost 20 minutes straight... O dear Lord.. I see where this is going.. Im also guessing you think your full blood italian at the way you move your hands around when you are talking.

You got some shots this month, and as usual had a bit of a reaction you leg swells up something crazy, and gets a golf ball on it.. thankfully it went down much quicker then last time.

Sweet Girl,
Your Daddy and I love you so so much, and are so thankful to God everyday for making you ours. We have been having so much fun with you, this stage you are in and the way you have become so interactive is very exciting. I just said to Daddy the other day that I kind of wanted you to stay this age/size forever.. you are such a joy in our lives, and we are very excited to watch you grow over the next few months as we prepare for your 1st Birthday. 

I honestly can say.. I never believed everyone as they would tell me just how fast your first year would go by, I just though "They grow so fast" was a bit of a cliche, however I have quickly realized its more of a reality. I miss my tiny baby who would sleep on my chest, but I am fully enjoying every minute of you, and loving being a part of all of your new discoveries 

I love you to the moon and back


Jen Watts said...

Awww.. How sweet!

Traci said...

Have you noticed any difference in her demeanor or sleep since you got tubes? We meet with the ENT next Wednesday to discuss tubes but since it's not cold and flu season anymore our pedi wasn't sure what we should do.