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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I met some more crazies...

This is a little story about our most recent
adventures at Chick-fil-a.

We love CFA.. and it just so happens that they opened a new one less then a mile from our house (and I thought the freshman 15 was rough, better start working out MORE)... we go there all the time now and then and usually have a very pleasant time.. and sometimes run into friends while we are there.

This time.. it was a bit different. We got there and ran into a highschool friends mother who, had never seen E before... she walked right upto me and kissed her.. ON HER FACE..

Um hello.. you could have just said hi, and talked to her in a cheesy baby voice right? instead of putting your germies on my slightly older then newborn face?!?!

We made small talk and quickly walked away... as I thought of all the ways to sanitize my baby's face.

Once we got inside, ordered our food, and found a booth tucked away in the corner... the crazies at the booth across from us decided to introduce themselves... are you ready for this.. by pushing their baby also in a highchair right over to E to "meet his Girlfriend" (in their words).

We had never met these people before in our lives.. but with an intro like that.. I was wishing we would have just hit up the drive through and taken our food home.

So were sitting there eating.. I was feeding E baby food pears.. 
The woman across from us.. 
{who was wearing a white fishnet type shirt with a neon leopard print bra..think Erin Brockovich except about 200lbs heavier...and lacking the sex appeal, and the make-up}
she began asking me how old E was.. I told her almost 8 months.. 
she said her little boy was 7 months as well..
She said that our children could be soul mates, and joked about an arranged marriage..
{for real lady.. thats weird}
She then asked how I was able to get her to eat baby food???

I didn't really understand the question until she then said..
all he will eat is french fries, chicken, and pizza...
Seriously he's a baby lets think about nutrition for a minute ok..

She then got up out of her seat and moved to one right next to me, like you would do if you ran into your friend at the chicken joint.
She went on to tell me how her son is VERY grown up..
{While using the straw to dropper feed Dr. Pepper into his mouth}
 he is pretty much like a toddler she said,
Ummmm...except that he is still a baby
and that he has a horrible allergy to milk. She said if he eats ANYTHING AT ALL with milk in it
he will break out in a rash with horrible hives, and start coughing/sneezing. She told me she has to give him benadryl because of it.. and he will start scratching his skin and it breaks open {she then motioned to the scabs on his cheeks}

I wasnt about to get into how E is also has a milk protein allergy.. however her reactions are VERY different. 

The family members with the mother and son were loud and obnoxious and cursing quite a bit, I tried not to be rude as I ignored them a bit to eat my meal and tend to my child. Until the grandmother of said boy started describing in detail the last "encounter" she had...

We quickly began packing up our stuff.. but I needed to wait until My sweet girl had finished eating, so I pretended to txt on my phone so maybe they would think I was busy, and stop including us in their convo.

The mother then got up placed another order and comes back to the table for... wait for it.... a MILKshake for the 7 month old with the said "horrible milk allergy."
That's right a milkshake.. you know the kind with MILK in it.

I looked at my husband, in complete disbelief.. did she not know there was milk in there? She was giving it to him by the spoonfulls...It took everything I had to keep my mouth shut.. however in my head I was thinking..

The little boy would lean in for more, and then the mother would yell loudly at him.. "No if you want more you don't just grab.. you ask mom for what you want.. you little brat..just like you F'n father"

Umm while he may act older then his age.. I do not think a 7 month old
is very capable of clearly speaking the words "I want more mom"... or even simply the word "more" at this point. However from the way your talking to him.. he may master a few "other" words real soon.

Thankfully we were ready to pack it up.. and so were they.. I told hubs.. maybe we should wait a few mins before they follow us to the car, and try to get our number for future "playdates"

Thankfully the weather is becoming just so, that we can order FROM THE DRIVETHRU next time and have a picnic at the park!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a group of characters!

Our Little Fam said...

I am a new follower. Wow... some people really are just not meant to be parents, I feel so bad for her little guy! geeze, what a trip to CFA!