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Friday, May 6, 2011

A photographer in the delivery room?!?!

At first glance, I know what your thinking... and NO.. there are
no National Geographic style photos
from the birth of my daughter.. 

I know you all have heard me talk about our wonderful family photographer
Tracy Marshall Photography
She is nothing short of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
she has captured so many wonderful memories for us
She did our Maternity Photo Shoot

These are some of my favorite photos, she has such an eye for this.
This may have been one of the most fun times I had taking photos, we went to a beautiful park on the waterfront that faced the Naval Academy, on a humid July Evening. Even though I was just about 9 months pregnant, the humidity wasn't bothering me all that much, I was having such a fun time taking photos with the hubs. Nothing felt rushed or posed, she just followed us around the park snapping away, of course there were times an idea would pop into her head, and she would explain "you stand here, put this hand this way, turn your head".. but really we had a blast.. and have these wonderful memories to last us forever.

But the most important session we had with her was our 
Tracy and I would talk weekly about my progress, and she would tell me if she was going to be around or not that day, since this is after all pretty much an on call kind of job. There were a few false alarms, like the time my OB said BP was too high and they wanted to deliver me, turns out that didnt happen.

The day I went into labor I txt Tracy right away letting her know what was up, I went to the hospital, they said I was in labor but not ACTIVE labor yet to go home ad wait it out.. which I did and Tracy gave me all the numbers to get ahold of her. When it finally was time and we were on our way to the hospital I called her up it was about 5 am on a Sunday and let her know.. she pretty much met us at the hospital, once I got a room she came in and was very calm about everything, talking to me as a friend and another supportive woman who had been there, not like she was "working".  She moved around went in and out, went home for a break when I was to excited to close my eyes trying to take a nap, we called her when I was almost ready to push and she was back again. I honestly dont really remember her being there, she was never in the way or crowding our moment. Once the baby was out she shed a few happy tears with us, and snapped a few more family shots and then was on her way. 

That evening she already had our birth session slideshow up on facebook as a welcoming announcement of our little girl. 

Here are some of the memories she was able to capture for us.... (cue tear fest)

I was recently asked to write a short testimonial for her website and here is what I came up with
"I wish there were more words to express my gratitude to Tracy Marshall Photography for the beautiful work she did while capturing our most precious memories of our daughter's arrival during our birth session {as well as Maternity Session}. These photos hold such value to us, they will be treasured forever. I didn't realize {having my first baby} how much I would forget because every thing goes by so fast when your in the moment, you can't possibly remember it all, unless of course you have a photographer. I am able to recall so many little details I would have easily missed it it were not for these heartwarming memories. Tracy was so easy to work with, staying in touch with me near the end of my pregnancy, and arrived to the hospital shortly after I checked in, she moved around in the background capturing so many perfect shots, we have developed a relationship that will last for many years to come, as we hope to have her capture our daughters growth through the artistry of her work" 

Before I was pregnant if you would have told me I was going to have a photographer in the room with me when I delivered my baby I would have laughed and told you, you were in fact crazy (we could still be friends though, I know alot of crazies). Now, having these photos to look back on I wouldn't have it any other way. Im also most certain she will be there for any future babies as well.

Just two short weeks after our sweet Emmaline was born Tracy gave us one of the most wonderful new parents gift, she came to our house and did a newborn shoot of E, and again.. her talent, blew us away.

I cherish these photos so much, as you know being a new mom can be tough, the sleepless nights, the long days, the emotions.... when looking at these photos I remember none of those things.. only what matters most..
My sweet girl.

Thank you to Tracy Marshall Photography for the lifelong memories you have captured for us.

*This is not a sponsored or paid advertisement, just one momma sharing her beautiful photos with all of you, informing you of one of the best investments we ever made a professionally photographed birth session


Momma StJ said...

Amazing. We have two pictures from right after A's birth. One of all of us, and one of her on the scale. I wish I had such great photos!

Jen said...

Wow; I would have never thought of pictures in the delivery room but I absolutely love yours! Thank you for sharing!

CookingwithVictoria said...

I absolutely love the one of your daughter in the picture where she has her hat on and her eyes open and tongue sticking out a little! Absolutely precious!

Kristin Miller said...

Tears. Did you ever see that John Mayer has a tv show thing? Yea, he pulled a focus group, sang "Daughters" for them, and asked them to call out "tears" when they got them from his LIVE ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE. TEARS all around. How beautiful.

L0veLindsey said...

Wow she's VERY talented. These pictures are priceless and it's amazing that you have them. I don't think I would have ever thought of having a professional photographer in a delivery room. I do like the idea, though...

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