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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A day in my life

Wanna peak into our life for a day?

We wake up (sometimes earlier, sometimes she is still sleeping), diaper change, and catch some
Mickey Mouse, while I get ready for the day.
Usually she will hang out in her Jumperoo or pack n play and it gives
me just enough time to get dressed, hair, & sometimes makeup.

Some mornings I get up before her and get ready too, if we have early morning things to do.

First morning Milkies..she nurses for about 10 minutes
Then we play for a bit, I take her along with me while I do some kind of household chore

{if we are headed out of course this changes things}

Solid food breakfast, usually fruit maybe mixed with oatmeal
along with cheerios/puffs and cut up chunks of fruit
(still can't believe my BABY can feed herself)

I take her in her room change her diaper, close the curtains, turn on sound machine,
kiss her then in her crib she goes.. takes her about 5 minutes to fall asleep

{while she's napping I read,write,&comment on blogs  prep for dinner, clean, organize, 
you now MOM stuff}

Sometime in there she will wake up from her nap, diaper change, and second Milkies of the day

We usually go out to the park, mall, grocer, or wherever we have to go. I pack her lunch
solid meal with us.. Juice/water, Mum-mums, fruit or veggie jar of food.

Lately we have been trying to do park lunches since it has been nice out!

same nap routine as earlier

(during this nap I try for me time.. some afternoons I leave for work during this nap,
but, if I'm home I catch up on shows, edit photos, check out facebook, paint my nails.. you know ME stuff)

3:30-4:14 she will wake up from her nap 

usually by this time daddy is awake (he works midnights gets home at 7a and sleeps until 2-3ish)
once she gets up we play for a bit, maybe watch some t.v.

the its time for 3rd Milkies
I usually just go off of her cues that she ready to nurse again

sometimes our afternoons are packed.. doing fun outside things if its nice, or we go visit friends...

Between 5-6 we have dinner
sometimes earlier, sometimes later depends on the day
Emmaline sits in her chair and eats with us
I try to give her lots of finger foods at this meal, cut up veggies/fruits and chunks of bread
her fav is watermelon & strawberry chunks
she also gets a jar/cube of food too

(again depends on whats going on )
we start off by bath some nights, then lotion, jams, songs/stories
then it's Milkies time
after that I put her in her crib tired but awake.. 
usually she puts herself to sleep sometimes I have to go back in once or twice
but not normally.

after she is in bed
we do a quick clean runthru of the house
just to tidy up and put away toys 
and do dishes.

then we watch t.v. or sit on the deck with some wine

I usually go to bed around 10:45 when Hubs leaves for work.


Jen Watts said...

That sounds like a great day!! My day is a hot mess, like oh shit.. Forgot to give the dog water before I left home, or I just packed one diaper, how did this happen??

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I remember when our days were like this! I miss it! Now my day consists of wake and then run around chasing BG all day! ;) But it's worth it.

How are you liking your job?