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Monday, May 16, 2011


Do you ever wonder how it is that life just passes by so quickly? 
I haven't noticed it pass at quite this speed until Emmaline was born, it just seems like it never slows down. 
Now sometimes that can be a good thing, you know on those weeks where it gets a bit tough and you find yourself wanting to drink alot  thinking about the days you could do whatever you want, sleep in as long as you want, you know those days.. you think about them too sometimes.

Now it can also be a bad thing.. like when I notice E doing more and more things independently, I start to feel like she doesn't really need me as much the way she used to. Those are the days I find myself wanting to drink alot  crying over foolish things, because I feel like I'm loosing my Baby... what happened to that little 6 pound ball of mush, who used to sleep on my chest, and actually ENJOY being cuddled?

Life just doesn't just fly by in the aspect of my daughters growth.. actually it flies by in all areas. 

I notice it most when paying bills, I don't know about you but I am starting to wonder if there is more then just one 1st of the month. Or what about when you walk in the gym and realize its been about a month 2 weeks since you last walked in there and 2 super toned girls who obviously have never grown a human before.. walk by with their VERY tight arses.. well this my friends is another chance to use the term... "life has just been flying by" so of course you couldnt make it to the gym... You were just too busy paying the bills AGAIN.

What about when you notice that your roots are now grown out way past the 8 week mark, you finally get to the salon.. and of course she's gonna ask you.. where have you been??? You just raise your shoulders a bit, make a puzzled face because of your lack of sleep your not really sure where you have been either, or for that matter what you did yesterday  and sigh deeply (which puts the emphasis on just how busy you are) and explain.."Life has just been crazy".

Has it though? Does your life actually fit the definition of crazy.. or has this newfound schedule {or the lack thereof}  just become the new way its gonna be?!?! I think life is made up of seasons, and as we know seasons change.

I NEVER (with a capital "N") used to be late for anything... 
My House was ALWAYS presentable
My bed was always made
Dinners were always at fancy restaurants planned
My toes always had a fresh pedicure
My hair never really had roots
My nights were FULL of sleep
My bank account WAS full of money

I hear my friends without babies talk about how they just dont think they are ready to adapt to my new lifestyle anytime soon, they enjoy coming and going when they want and unplanned weekend trips, and staying out late...

I would be lying to you to tell you theres not some part of me that misses that because there is.

But I was also be lying to you, if I told you I want that old life back for even a second, because I don't

Because here is the difference
I NEVER (with a capital "N") felt such love for any one thing I called MINE
Every morning there is ALWAYS a huge smile to wake up to
My house is FULL of toys, and diapers, and bottles.. because a BABY lives here now!!!
I may not get alot of sleep at night, but holding a sleeping baby in the rocking chair is worth far more.
My house is FULL of laughter, and babbling, and screamies
My afternoons involve "If you give a mouse a cookie", "1 fish, 2 fish, Red fish, Blue fish", & "Goodnight Moon". 

It's funny how things change, I still keep up on all my celebrity gossip but know which star is carrying a Dwellstudio or a Storksak.

I am enjoying playdates at the park the way I used to enjoy happy hour.

Don't get me wrong I am not wearing mom jeans, and keds yet.. I still enjoy nights out with my husband, some friends and a cocktail. 

I Just think too many times mothers are put into a category, one that makes them feel like they gave up everything, and are now Just Moms' 

But being Just a mom.. is just what I want to be..yes one day I will go back to working full time, and keeping a VERY tidy home...
 but for right now... 
I'm enjoying every moment of this.. 
Because before I know...
will pass on by
and this season of my tiny sweet BABY
will be over.

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Susie said...

Great post Sarah. :)

I've struggled over the years - Christina, Danielle and I all have - because we were the first ones to end up on the Mommy Wagon. It's worth every moment, but man oh man, it certainly does change everything.

E is so worth every moment of sleep lost and every dark root (mine are at about 16, omg, reminds me I need to color this week!) and the perma-spit stains on anything from year # 1. :)

Suzy said...

Wow - I am totally in tears now! Very well said!!!! It's so reassuring to know that I'm not alone!

the workaholic momma said...

This is such a GREAT post and oh so true!! I never could have imagined my life would be so wonderfully different:)