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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thank Goodness

Most of you who have been following my blog for a while, know about the breastfeeding supply issues I have had. As I'm sure you all read when I guest posted HERE about Getting my supply back from the dead. It has been an up and down battle but we have made it, There were many times I was ready to just give it up, but my kiddo wouldnt take formula or even really a sip of formula, so I would work at reviving my supply like it was my job.

I have it pretty well figured out, and know when to expect it to drop, and when its going to peak, what foods to eat and to load up on fluids including Gatorade.

My real reason for this post was to tell you just how excited I am that my girl has now taken a few bottles of just formula. We started out just adding an oz of formula to her nightime bottle of pumped breastmilk, and then increased it a bit over a few weeks, then a few days ago as I noticed my supply running low and she needed more then I was giving her, I grabbed a bottle full of just formula and she sucked it down.

Now I still intend to continue breastfeeding her for a while, I really do love it, but this makes it much less stressful then it had been for a while.

We are using Gerber Good Start "Gentle" infant formula.
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She seems to do well with it, minus the fact that the spit up smells so much worse then mommy milk spit up. We have also started a lot more finger foods lately, which some days go better then others with that. Little miss has decided as of recent that she really doesnt want to be fed off of a spoon.... she is all grown up you so, why would I even think I should be feeding her ..... Some days it feels like she is 8.5 months going on 8.5 YEARS.....she is all girl.

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Rachel said...

New follower here! Thank you for this encouraging post - I am mommy to a beautiful *almost* 13 week old baby girl. I have to head back to work in 6 weeks (BOOOO!!!). I'm terrified that my supply will plummet when I start just pumping. It's good to know that I can add formula to pumped breast milk to try to get her used to it, if needed. Thanks again for the encouragement and entertaining blogs! :)
(reposting this because my first comment decided not to show up, so I'm sorry if it posts twice!)