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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Runners High


I am so excited about it too, I almost feel the way I did the day I got my license, or graduated high school, or college.... you know the feeling.. Butterflies in your stomach, a bit of anxiety, overall sense of accomplishment. 

I had not been running for a long time, since shortly after E was born I tried it and noticed a DRASTIC drop in my milk supply, so my doctor recommended I waited a bit and tried again, and so i did, and the same thing happened, it was very depressing.
So after that I figured I would wait a long time, as long as I could stand while nursing and then try again.. well that brought us to last week.

I wasn't sure how it would go, I have not ran in such a while, but I got ready anyway.

I was so excited I got geared up like I was headed to a race, running shorts, carb loading, UA headband, running sunnies, whicking socks, body glide, and the jogging stroller... or yea and the baby!

I was about to grab the fuel belt but hubs reminded me that i have not done this for a long time I really shouldn't expect to be running long enough to need a fuel belt.

So we headed out, hit the trail, and I was off.. and loving it... just a few strides into it and I felt a huge runners high.. for those who run you know exactly what I mean.. I had to slow myself down a bit.. as my mind and legs were very ready to just go with it.. my lungs felt the need for a bit of fight.

we did a 2 mile run which included a trek up Kilimanjaro pretty decent hill. I was on cloud 9, I missed this so much. 

Turns out E is a runnin baby... well as much a she can be.. she loved the jogging stroller, and the trail, and the wildlife...

Of course I could feel those two miles in my back, butt, shoulders, calves but it was a good hurt.. not enough to need an ice bath, or the stick or anything.. but enough that I knew I had just ran a bit.

Sure enough we headed right back out the next day, did the same trail, enjoyed it just as much, if not more. 

then the rain came in.. booo

I am so ready to get out there again, I have missed this!

Yes my supply does notice that I'm running, however I nurse/pump right before I run, and give E a bottle that night and just pump since Im down in volume, I also chug some gatorade and push lots of water, and increase my calories a bit.

I'm wondering if I could make it into the BWC race which is the country's second oldest all womens race... however its only about 5 weeks away? Its also one of the few races that allows jogging strollers... hmmmm maybe? 

Last time I ran the BWC
Runner all the way on the Left w/sunnies on

Ready to trade in my mom hips for the above runner body I used to have too !!!!!!!!


Megan said...

Good for you! Gotta start somewhere and you're doing it!!!!! I had the same supply problem, so I started pumping a little more and drinking a butt load of more water. Since I started working out again a few weeks ago my supply came back. Stick with it and everything will level out the way it should.

Momma StJ said...

Good for you! I want to start running with baby. Still need to try out my jogging stroller. What kind do you have?

Traci said...

Way to go and you have a good excuse to eat more! I notice if I don't eat enough my supply goes way down...but I am part milk cow and have plenty to spare.

kristin miller said...

YEA! You're my hero! GO GIRL! I love it when someone gets back into the game!!! Keep up the great work. I hope I can get back in to it when I have're going to be my advisor ;-)

Our Little Fam said...

Yipee!! Great job, I need to go out and run and sometimes my lungs just dont wanna cooperate once I start, you are motivating! I love running =)

the workaholic momma said...

Good for you - getting back in the game:) I just recently started working out and I too have noticed a drop in my milk supply:(

Pink Champagne, Gatorade, and MRE's said...

woo hoo! I bet you can do the race in 5 weeks!