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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby Bee Haven {cloth diaper covers} Review/Giveaway

Call my crunchy, granola, momma but recently we have gotten into cloth diapering. We do not use them all the time, and we still purchase our fair share of huggies, and luvs. However, this was just something I had wanted to try out. I have a few friends who are strictly cloth, and love it. While I'm not claiming to go that far with it {I also said ..pre baby.. I would never be a baby wearer.. and well we all know how that went}, I do like that its an option for us. 

I do not use them when we are out {yet}, only when we are home,  I also have not tried them yet during a nap or over night, I am just starting remember. I was having some small issues with leakage now and then.. I guess being new at this I didn't know all about diaper covers, to go over the pre-folded..that is until..I came across this wonderful gem.

Hi there! Welcome to Baby Bee Haven. 

My name is Heather. I live in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, near the foothills of Mt. Adams in Washington
I am an aspiring farmer, avid gardener and seamstress extraordinaire. ;) I've been sewing for (yikes!) almost 30 years. As soon as I could wield a needle and thread, I began creating simple pillows, hair scrunchies (remember those?), barbie clothes, stuffed animals, etc. 

In high school I was too cool (ha!) for the clothes at the mall so I would stay up until the wee morning hours altering a vintage dress or creating a new design that I just had to wear the next day (homework? what homework?). I also became the costume designer for all the school plays, I sewed bridesmaid dresses for extra cash, and my first official job at 16 was at a fabric store.

I began sewing cloth diapers and covers nearly three years ago when I was expecting my youngest. Disappointed with the cloth diapers I used for my oldest daughter, and feeling guilty for all the waste I created using disposable diapers (we went with a half and half mix), I went on a quest for the perfect diapering system. There are countless styles and manufacturers out there, many of them quite remarkable, but I became obsessed with creating the perfect diaper cover. 

All my other sewing projects were tossed in the "to be finished later" box (and there they still sit) and I began to appraise every scrap of fabric by what it might look and feel like on a baby's bum. The first pattern I created was not bad (though the cover itself left something to be desired). 2 years, countless covers, and at least 6 pattern revisions later, I finally came up with the one I have and love now. I feel compelled to share these covers with all you cloth diapering mamas and papas out there. In addition to my PUL covers, I look forward to sharing my new line of yummy soft wool covers, and organic hemp, bamboo and cotton fitted diapers. So keep your eyes peeled.

We were recently sent this stylish diaper cover to review

Apple Delicious Diaper Cover

This diaper cover is not only stylish but practical as well. The cover is complete with a 1 mil polyurethane laminate (PUL) and 100% cotton shell. The tabs that use a closure system much like velcro, also have a hideaway tab on the inside to secure the closures for washing. 

This cover can also be used while swimming {Double Plus}, and is adjustable to fit many different sized babies. So if yours are skinny or have a belly that resembles a beer gut.. these covers will still work. 

Heather {Mastermind behind BBH} told me there is no right way to use the diaper.. she actually says 
"There are several ways you can use my covers. My favorite is to just lay a folded (long ways) cotton prefold onto an open diaper cover, lay baby on it and wrap it up. There is no need to secure the cloth diaper with a snappy or pins, the cover secures everything. You can, of course use a snappy or pins, if that makes more sense to you. Or they can be worn over a fitted cloth diaper. They make great swim diapers, too. I just use a thinner pre-fold or soaker.  I recommend trying out different ways of using the cover, and then go with whatever feels most natural."

Of course when I received the diaper I had no idea what "PUL" was or why its important in the diaper.. so I looked into it.. here is what I found out through information on Heathers site.

"Originally intended for use in the medical industry, PUL was designed for heavy use and repeated hot washes (and the autoclave)."

I started researching it online and found out that this laminate that is still being used in the medical field comes into play when a waterproof barrier is needed, after coming into contact with body fluids it is then autoclaved, an institutional sterilization process where the material is cleaned using very high temp water and steam vapors. This material is built to withstand that process multiple times, and not break down. This waterproof, washable, fabric is not only strong but also gentle enough to wear against the skin, and thus has been seen popping up in the cloth diaper communities. 

We have been very happy happy with this cover, the fit is a tiny bit big on E right now, however we knew that going into this, since she is 17.5 pounds she was very close to the end of the spectrum for the small sizing... Heather felt that sending us a medium would be better.. so she could fit into it much long.. I'm very glad she took that into consideration for us.

Heather has a very easy to follow sizing chart as well as cleaning instructions:

Sizing is as follows:
 Extra small: 6-15 lbs
Small: 10-20 lbs
Medium: 20-30 lbs
Large: 25-35 lbs

Extra large: 35-45lbs 

Washing instructions:
Always close the laundry tabs before washing.
Machine wash warm.
Line dry, or tumble dry warm-- remove promptly.
Never ever use bleach or fabric softeners.
Avoid prolonged exposure to UV rays.
and no iron 
While there may be some concern since most recommend to hand cloth diapers in the sun to remove stains and odor, these covers a bit different since they have the PUL lining, the higher temp cleaning will remove most remnants of the body fluids. Heather also added when it comes to cleaning:

I never babied my covers and and washed and dried them on HOT frequently. ( Contrary to the laundering instructions, I actually recommend washing and drying on hot the first wash to seal up any puncture wounds that may have been created during the sewing process). I have tried several different "PUL" (polyurethane laminate) fabrics before I found the one that I use now, which I love. It has never cracked or peeled. Occasionally it would stain, but that does not hinder effectiveness, of course. I used some of my covers for 2 babies, and now they are onto the third (a niece).

Its difficult to give a time line, since so much depends on how frequently they are washed and how they are treated. Used moderately, say washing 3 times a week, and with proper care (as above), they will last until they no longer fit, and then again on another baby. I have to admit, that I have never actually had one wear out to the point of being ineffective with my current PUL fabric and so I am open input. The one thing that you must be mindful of is the closures. Fuzz and hair and things get built up in the loop side and will make them less 'sticky'. So always close the laundry tabs during washing and keep them closed during storage too! 

I know I have mentioned before that I just pink puffy heart nice packaging
and presentation...
This is how the cover arrived to me

 with this sweet ribbon and information that was pinned on.. love it!

Use Code "5KANDCHARDONNAY2011" to receive 10% off your purchase when shopping BBH, discount expires 30 days from today. 
Heather has generously offered (1) lucky winner a diaper cover of their choice & one set of washable wipes (pre chosen)
{You must leave a separate comment for EACH entry, failure to complete the mandatory entry will result in other entries being deleted} 
{please leave your email in at least one comment}

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Giveaway runs until  Sunday June 12 at midnight (EST). Winner will be picked using and has 48 to respond or a new winner will be chosen. 
Thanks to Baby Bee Haven for this great giveaway and for the Diaper Cover!

I was given the above items {Cloth Diaper Cover} to review free of charge, in exchange for this post... thank you Baby Bee Haven! The information given here is my honest opinion, there was no monetary compensation for this post.


Mrs. Southern said...

These cloth diaper are great! I love all of the fabrics on her etsy site but the sweet yellow owls are cute and would be great for my little guy. The anchors and cars are cute too!

Mrs. Southern said...

Forgot to say I'm a follower of your blog! And I also bought a reusable swim diaper for my little one a few weeks ago at a local boutique and it has been awesome as much as we are in the water this summer and I don't feel like I am wasting money on him wearing a swim diaper for an hour.

Gretchen said...

I'm a follower :)

Anonymous said...

They are sooo cute! I have to say that the blue elephant one is my favorite!

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Gretchen said...

I love the blue windows and the brown/green/pink retro flower covers - can't decide :)

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I "liked" her on facebook and told her you sent me. :)

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I tweeted. :)

Anonymous said...

I have a post scheduled to go up tomorrow afternoon. Just posted so I didn't want to post twice in an hour. :)

Beth said...

I love them all but I think my favorite is the Sweet Yellow Owls Diaper Cover size Small
jacobsonbeth at yahoo dot com

Beth said...

GFC follower (Beth)
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Ashley said...

I love the yellow, orange and pink flowers diaper cover! (among others)

Ashley said...

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babyrocks said...

i love the cars!! what super cute covers! so glad to have found this etsy shop, thank you!

babyrock said...

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Hillary said...

That's a tough choice, but I'd probably say that the "whimsical espresso" is my favorite!

Hillary said...

I'm also a new follower!

caedmen said...

follow your blog via gfc. I like the zoom zoom funky cars diaper cover.

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