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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Baby Girl Blog Sale

I'm in a cleaning out and purging mood...
We live in a condo with zero storage space...
Gonna be a long while till the next one....
Need to buy new clothes for E...

These are just a few reasons that I am having a small baby girl blog sale
I just had too much stuff, don't worry I'm not getting rid of it all.. 
you just cant hold onto everything..
even though while I was going through it all
I was remembering every time she wore each of these things.

So if your having a baby girl, already have a baby girl, or know someone who is..

Blankets all three for $5 + $7 shipping
Crib comforter

multicolor BABY fleece
Pink chenelle like blanket

Sleepers All for $10 + $10 shipping
There are 12
0-3mos (4) one is disney
3-6mos (5)  two are disney
6mos (2) one button , one zip
(1) 3 mos sleep sack

Onsies there are (11)
all for $6 + $5 shipping
NB (2) carters
0-3mos (2) 
6mos (1)
6-9mos (6)

other clothing
all for $5 +$7 shipping
(3) bloomers 9-12mos
plaid dress 6-9mos
princess Tee 6mos
white longsleeve (oshkosh) 6-9mos
floral romper (tutti frutti) 6-9mos
green polo onsie 6-9mos
pink cords 6-9mos
longsleeve shirt onsie 6-9mos
pink/brown shirt & pants 0-3mos child of mine

Shoes $3 + $3 shipping
both are newborn size 1

Or everything for $21 + $15 shipping

email me at


Jamie said...

Awww...I had my husbands grandma make a quilt using my boys outfits that I couldn't let go of. I can still see them in them when I look at it! She actually made 2 small quilts so one day they can both have one.

R said...

everyone I know right now is either having boys or doesn't know what they are having! you have some adorable stuff here!!

new follower (@rustilyn) by the way - by way of @mommusings on twitter :)