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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dress Shopping

LoveappellaCross over Maxi DressRegular Price$59.00

Ponte shift dressRegular Price$59.95 $49.99

There are a few events coming up, some weddings, rehearsal dinners, baby & bridal showers, birthday parties... and well.. I need a few new dresses. So I have been on a hunt... to find ones that my re cooperating, deflated boobage wont like like a maxim ad in {don't worry it wouldn't be a good ad}
as well as one that is made for women taller then 5'5" {I am almost 6 feet tall}
and one that I can wear shoes I already have with...

Even though I have a few I just love maxi dresses... I mean dont get me wrong a short cute little black hangs in my closet as well.. but maxi's tend to be much more comfortable.. and many of my events this summer are outdoors.

Let me explain the look I cannot wear
While Eva looks darling in this dress ..... I could not wear the neckline... hopefully when I can finally stop pumping {nobody told me it would take this long to dry up} I will have a few other options to wear.. I realize I will never go back to what I once had... but this in between stage it pretty awkward.. its something like the stage I hit around 20 weeks preggo when my I got a tiny bump.. I knew I was preggo.. but im sure everyone else thought I enjoyed the buffet a bit too much...

totally rabbit trailing .. but I wish someone  would have told my tan, toned, size 4, perky boob.. pre baby self to enjoy it.. and pretty much just walk around naked... because it aint ever gonna be like that again...Love my child.. love her.. love her... miss my old body.....
heres to getting it back {winking}

again not gonna happen

This is more like it


Maybe I should contact Alexis..... I'm sure she has something in the Alexis Couture line that is practical and flattering, without a horribly revealing neckline... thats in my budget?????

Seems to me she is pretty in touch with the practical SAHM's wardrobe right???? :)


Gina said...

I never realize how bizarre my boobs look until I try on a maxi dress. You're in good company.

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

I love maxis!

Traci said...

I'm trying to dry up over here too and it is taking forever! I need new bras bad but I'm not buying any until I'm dry because who know what size they're going to be when it's all said and done.

chambanachik said...

Gorgeous dresses. But yes- agree about walking around naked pre-baby, and also about drying up being quite annoying. :)