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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A pictures worth a thousand words

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Being a first time mom, I have a few syndromes for example "she will never be this small again syndrome", "Can't let her cry it out syndrome",  and my personal fav "Takes 3,482 photos of child a day syndrome". 

So When I was contacted about doing this post, I looked through all of the photos on my computer, and then hooked up my external hard drive and looked through those as well. I started to notice a theme, and it was photos of my sweet girl making this face.

"Squishy Face"

This face started showing up when E was around 6 months old, it was just about that time when we started to introduce food blends, one day I gave her a blend that included mangos {one fruit that she still does not enjoy} and after the flavor touched her tongue she squirmed and made this face. I chuckled for a bit and then tried to give her a second spoonful thinking she would like it this time, and again the facial expression appeared. 

Of course the second time I laughed and thought it was too cute, so I called hubs in and tried giving her another spoonful this time in hopes that she would still not like it so he could see her expression. Plan went as hoped, and the sour expression was made we both laughed at her, and of course she loved the attention she was getting, so she did it again, and again.

From that point on she started making this facial expression just to get a reaction out of us, and it worked. She would make it when she liked food and even when she didn't, she would make it when she was happy, or when she was sad, since she knew we loved it and would make a big deal out of it.

Once the facial expression started to make a daily appearance then she decided to change it up a bit, and add sound to it. She began to breathe in and out through her nose quickly while making the face.

The expression then gained the name "squishy face", and she would do it to anyone new she met, as a way to say "HI", I guess? All of our close friends and family have gotten use to the face, and now at any social function I always here "Emmaline do the squishy face!!!", she of course does it, and then laughs, and now she even claps when she is done, since I'm sure she thinks its one of her most favored skills. Hopefully it fades out before she hits the age of trying to impress boys, or job hunting!

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Jen Watts said...

Squishy face is hilarious, but cute nonetheless. Carsyn hates mangoes also..

Our Little Fam said...

haha love the look on her face! Adorable!

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