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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Here is a little story about a girl who was pms'ing... and thought she knew of a way to cheer herself up so she must have forgot her meds because she stepped on the scale.. since it was weigh in day.. and then she cried.. for a few minutes.. ok an hour.. because the scale had not moved from the last time she got on it. I learned two things from this lesson... DO NOT get on scale when enduring a hormonal imbalance, two DO NOT tell husband about it he will say something stupid trying to cheer you up, however it will obviously be taken the wrong way just like anything else he says that entire week, and you will just cry more.

SO there you have it ladies... scale has not budged, however I guess I should mention I did not work out very much this week, and diet has been a bit off so I should be thankful that it didn't move in the opposite direction as I would still be crying, possibly not have come out of the bathroom as said scale experience.

I know I say it every week but this week I have to get a little more hardcore about this whole diet thing, I mean we are in bikini season, there is no turning back now.. I need to firm it up. I have however done ab workouts almost every day which I am proud of. I actually downloaded an ab app, and let me just tell you that sucker is hardcore.

The weather has not been the best for running outside, and my gym membership is frozen at the moment, which I guess that doesn't look to good for the girl who's trying to firm it up huh?

I need to re-adjust my caloric intake since I am down to only pumping twice a day now. Im thinking I am going to miss the breastfeeding diet.. I could pretty much eat as much as I wanted and I was either staying the same weight or loosing, however that needs to change.

I pulled out my Weight Watchers cookbooks, and chose a few new recipes to try this upcoming week, if they turn out good I will share them with you. I need to get out on the trail before it heats up to much to at least get a few miles in. I did purchase a snap on sun mask for the jogging stroller since on the run back she faces right into the sun, we will see how this works out.

I also need to get back in touch with Jillian, and shred it up.. it just seems like every night I have it planned I make an excuse something comes up...

What about you, any new healthy recipes you have to send my way, or workout routines?


Jen Watts said...

I swear girl I am by no means in great shape but the Tracy Anderson post pregnancy workout is by far the best, especially for the abs, workout I've ever done. I did the bethenny yoga DVD last night and while I love yoga I just don't think it's hardcore enough to get the results I want.

Also, I remember seeing a pic you posted lately and you looked terrific.

I just returned from the beach and was so nervous about being in a bikini in front of people but you know I really didn't care a lot. I was just so focused on baby girl having a good time... Funny how being a momma changes your perspective ;)

Kristin Miller said...

Check my blog, I posted my latest strength training workout. Plus it's 100% doable at home with some dumbbells. GO FOR IT! I've been having the same kind of week and I have been running! I cornered my bff and told her to be honest, because husbands just never know what to say, and inevitably it's always wrong! Let me know what you think of my workout!!!

J and A said...

All the workouts are fast and hard and you can do them at home. :) I sweat like a pig doing them. Love the new Jillian Ripped in 30 too!!!

Gina said...

Have you tried yoga? I am beyond sore today...even moreso than when I do The Shred. Maybe your body just needs a change of pace? Also, drink tons of water. Looking forward to your recipes. :)

Megan said...

Hey Momma we all have bad days on the scale! Hang in there. I am shredding again and running every night NO EXCUSES for moi! I am wondering when you were nursing 100% of the time what were you taking in calorie wise??? I would like to know if I am maybe taking in too few :/

Shannon Dew said...

We need to recipe swap! I have made dinners this week that are all under 500 calories! Gotta love Kraft!

Mateya said...

New follower! I would love to see some of your recipes. I am on WW and I get a lot of mine from It is a great website for low-cal and low-fat meals!