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Friday, August 5, 2011

The blahs

If you follow me on twitter, you may have already heard the following..

E is sick, nasty cold, green crusty nose, can't breath, up all night, lots of mucus.

Momma has caught the sickies from E and now has a nasty cough.. don't worry I'm keeping the green crusty's under control in my department. 

Got a phone call yesterday morning, that Mr. Policeman got injured while running through the woods at 2 am after a man who had assulted another officer. He is ok, however off work for right now. He was taken to the emergency room where they did X-rays. They believe he may have chipped off part of his knee cap, but still needs more testing. He was his primary care Dr. and is being sent tomorrow morning for an MRI, and then follow up with orthopedic on Tuesday. We are praying it was just a bad fall and there is nothing wrong and he can return to work Tuesday night after seeing the dr for the follow up.. If you don't mind could you say a little prayer too..

That same night two of my neighbors crotchrockets were stolen right from in front of the houses.. 

It's been a yucky few days around here..

Here is to the weekend.. and it being better then the week...

Also.. if you live where they actually sell Skinny Girl Sangria, and would send me a bottle.. I would pay big dollars.. I want it sooo bad, but nowhere in MD has it. Bethany if your reading this (seriously.. the nyquil is getting to me.. I'm sure she doesnt read this... but it would be cool if she did) and want to send me a bottle... or 12!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jen said...

I feel you girl! If I get ahold of a bottle I'll send one your way. Don't get your hopes up though, we're just now getting the margarita around here..

Have a good weekend!