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Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Oven Dinner Recipe!

Wild West Sandwich Wrap

We made these last night and they were super-de-duper delish... thinking they may be one of our new quick dinner favs

My changes in italics (what I used instead and for 2 ppl instead of 4)

3/4 C Frozen Corn (thawed) 1/4 C Canned Mexi-corn
1/4 C chopped Red onion 3T
3T Kraft sandwich shop chipotle reduced fat mayo 2T
4 Whole Wheat Tortillas 2 "Flat out" wraps (Less calories)
4 Lettuce Leaves handful spring mix
4 Kraft Singles cut in half 2 kraft fat free singles
16 Slices deli fresh honey ham 4 slices oscar meyer lite smoked turkey
1/2 C chopped tomatoes  1/4 C chopped

Combine the first three ingredients
Top tortillas with lettuce, cheese, meat, corn mix, & tomatoes
Roll em up

The way we made them it came out to be 275 calories per each wrap.

This recipe can be found at