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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Weight Watchers Wednesday
This week I only lost half a pound..

and honestly it's my own fault. I am "usually" really good at measuring, and NOT snacking but this week for some reason I found my self having a little of this, and a handful of that, and never adding it to the food tracker on Myfitnesspal.. so it doesn't surprise me when thats all I saw.. 
I have noticed that I am toning up more.. I am able to do more push ups, and pull ups this week, then I ever have before!

So I am getting really close to the 10 pounds lost (since I started this hardcore dieting, at which time I was 3 pounds from pre-baby weight)... What should I get myself when I hit the 10 pound mark? I'm thinking a pedicure, or a facial?

I am linking up with the all fabulous Shannon, for another week of SWW.

Here is what I'm saying "So What" to this week..

1. If I am wearing the same yoga pants and Jack Daniels t-shirt from yesterday, baby is really sick, we are going nowhere today

2. This is the first week I have pinned anything to Pinterest and I have had the account for a month now.

3. There is a whole lot of cleaning that needs to get done in this house, see above referenced: Baby sick.. also translated as will not leave me hip.

4. Everytime I pull out a grape scented "boogey Wipe" I want grape kool-aid.. which I dont think I have drank kool-aid since maybe the 5th grade.

5. That I spent more money then I made this week, happens alot..

6. Went to tons of dress stores looking for a dress to wear to SIL's  outdoor mid august wedding, and have yet to find anything.. might just pull something out of the closet.

What are you saying so what too? Link up!

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caley-jade rosenberg said...

So glad I found your blog via SWW - I love it~!