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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The List's...

Here is a little peek into the happenings of my life right now as we speak.. or type.. or however you convey that message.. of whats going on while you read my blog.

Yay for J.P.
Well of course I made sure not to plan anything during the final rose ceremony last night, I had already been keeping up on the spoilers so of course I knew my lova J.P. was gonna win, but still had to watch it all. Can you believe that dress she wore was almost 17K $$, then she got in the ocean with it on... and her sister.. thank goodess she apologized to him at the show afterwords cuz that sista was actin a fool.

That's right.. I mentioned the holiday that nobody likes to talk about this early except for me, if my husband would let me I would already be pre purchasing decor for the winter, however he will not.. I did watch Home Alone a few days ago.. and then ELF, I love Christmas and everything about it,... I am completely done E's Christmas shopping.. I hit up a department store when they were having a 75% off sale and grabbed up a ton of toys for $48... SCORE!

I am about to cancel my Gold's Gym membership.. why ??? because I have not been in fo-eva.. I actually have a second gym membership to Big Vanilla that I use much more often.. so I can't see wasting the money on something I do not use. Honestly most of my working out, is done by running outside, the shred, or workout apps.. I rarely go to the gym anymore.. just don't have time to be there every single night like I did pre baby

Cloth diapering is going great for us, and I just purchased more fluff, which I cannot wait to get in the mail. 

I have went crazy on this site getting ready for E's first birthday which is less then 5 weeks away.. (I hate this.. as much as im excited... where is my baybee?) I have purchased plates, cups, plasticware, and a bunch more.. along with non bday related things like baby gates, laundry detergent.. and a few others.. there is something nice about having the fed-ex man bring everything then I don't have much to worry about


Lucy Marie said...

Hubby totally rolled his eyes at me when I came home and told him I bought Eva's first christmas present the other day .. considering she hasn't even had her birthday yet! :)

Glad you are enjoying CDing

Lyryn said...

I'm glad diapering is going well for you! :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I do not see a gym in my near future any time!

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

We're more than half way done with the husband's family's Christmas presents already, and I'm looking at decor stuff because I donated a ton of mine when we moved, and what I kept is in storage at my in-laws and I'm kind of freaking out that my mother in law will refuse to ship it, even at my expense. You're not the only one planning 6 months ahead of schedule!

Gina said...

Love me some JP.

And virtual high-five on loving the Christmas stuff out. L and I were squealing in Hobby Lobby over it the other day. L said, "Oh, the Christmas decorations make me SO happy!" He's my kid, what can I say?

Annie said...

so I an relate to this post some ;) I have been xmas shopping for C lately, so much fun!! When it comes to decor if I bought any my hubs might come after me BUT he really would have no idea if I added to the xmas decor, ha!
I cancelled my gym membership 2 weeks ago, I hadn't been in 2 months so it was just a waste of money. I miss running but I never have time to so why pay.
hope you are having a great week sweets!!

This Farm Family's Life said...

Kudos to you for doing the cloth diaper thing!!!