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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Series of unfortunate events

It's been a crazy roller coaster ... last week our washer & dryer went up so we were at Best Buy picking those out, they were delivered a few days later.... and didn't fit.. even though we gave our measurements to the sales guy, so we had to do a bit of re-arranging.. and now they sit nicely in our bedroom...... just kidding.. that would be weird.. they are in the laundry room just had to change some things around from what we wanted. But they are in now, and wonderful.. I have never had a front loading and now I do, which with that and the fact they are HE makes washing my cloth diapers a bit harder but its ok.

Then while at my SIL's wedding our AC froze up, as in we came home to a hot house, looked a the AC and you would think we lived in the frozen tundra, you couldn't even see the pipes under all the frost, an ice. So next morning we called the AC guy.. who long story short has been here 3 times trying to fix it without us having to replace it since there is no way that is in the budget. Little dig we know them working on would push some sediment through the lines... which brings me to...

Water run off was blocked, so all of the condensation (a few gallons) was draining into our house, under a wall and into the carpet, so now.. in three rooms of my house, we have had to move all of the furniture and pull up the carpet and padding, since we didnt know this was going on until a few days after it started much of the carpet if ruined.. so the padding has been trashed, we are trying to see if the carpet can be saved or if we need to replace that too, I know in our bedroom closet it must be replaced.

My house is a mess which is driving me crazy, I have clutter, and messes.. and honestly I feel like a hoarder having all this crap piled up since the rooms had to be emptied.. and with a little explorer on my hands its not good.

Thankfully.. this can all be fixed, and none of our possessions were ruined other then the flooring. I think there is a lesson to be learned in this, I complain about our 960 square foot condo all the time, I really hate living here, and we would have moved long ago if we were not upside down on our loan due to the fall of the housing market.. however there are lots of people who have no place to call home and I'm sure if they lived where I do they would not be complaining. So in all of this I am learning to be thankful.

In other news.. I tried a yum-o pesto dish last night.. You can find the recipe for homemade pesto at 5th Belle Avenue's Blog  I added it to pasta, and made a big salad it was great!

Tonight I am making blueberry muffins, its the first healthy Bberry muffin recipe I have come across and I am excited to try it, you can find that and lots of other good recipes and photography from Sgt. & Mrs. Hub's blog  

After all of the crazy's that went on this week, I was less then thrilled when I came home to shreds of plastic, & silicone that was once E's very favorite Sippy, it was a nuby trainer...

 it had some milk in it mixed with ovaltine.. (don't judge. I'm trying to get her to drink whole milk and not doing so well).. the Dog wanted the milk, and shredded the cup to get it.. weird thing is. we have had him since a puppy.. he is not almost 5 and he never chews, the only other thing he has chewed to date was the wii remote.. and now a sippy.. weird. So I just ordered more sippies from Amazon, and I'm trying a few new ones to see if she likes them.


Jen Watts said...

trust me...I know all about "when it rains it pours"..hang in there!

my house is always a wreck..we had a leak last month and had the whole soggy carpet thing..

let me know which sippy E likes! did I tell you I tried out some of Carsyn's sippys? almost all of them taste like wonder they don't like them!

Jess said...

Holy crap. You have had a seriously funky few weeks.

And how is the ovaltine working? Is she drinking it? I'm always curious if what worked for me works for other people.

Cheryl E. said...

Wow, you are having a rough week girl! Hope things go better and you can have a relazing weekend. Good luck with the sippys. It was quite a feat to get C on the sippy but we did it and he loves em. Good luck E!