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Sunday, September 18, 2011

moving it inside

Since fall arrived before its scheduled arrival and has graced us with 50 degree temps, we are unable to enjoy the pool any longer. The pool as I have spoken about before was one of Emmalines favorite activities, the girl was related to a fish, really she cries when we take her out. 

Well what else can a mama do, but move the fun inside, and increase the duration of bath time.. so that it can be enjoyed much like the pool was.

Its not doing the same thing for mama though, no tan, or Vit D.. but baby is happy and thats all that matters

~Yes I know she turned One already and I just referred to her as "Baby" and I will continue to do so... I just cant handle calling her toddler just yet.

Speaking of baby??? If you are feeling the baby itch... then I suggest you do NOT go over to my photography blog and watch the birth slideshow.. your ovaries will start crying for sure.

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Shannon Dew said...

Aw what a sweetie! Good idea moving swm time indoors! I call kp a baby still & don't even think of her as a toddler!