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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A total mommy makeover

So I thought I would catch you up on whats starting TODAY...

For the past few weeks I have been super busy, and with that comes bad eating habits, and not alot of time for me. Now I realize being a working mama there will not always be time for me.. but I need to make sure that my every second if not consumed by that tiny little princess of mine. I need to take some time out now and then for my marriage... as well as time for just me.... and a girls night every one in a while!

So I have decided to take the next month to try and start some new habbits, and refresh myself.

Some of the things I plan on doing may be cheesy but they are my choices of things i want to include in my me time.. I don't want to full in the frumpy mom rut, now and then I HAVE to change out of my VS yoga pants, and put some skinny jeans and heels on.

This month I plan to get back on track with my diet as well as

Doing a juicing detox diet for a week
mani/pedi {even if done at home}
Tanning { While I do enjoy a bit of color this is mainly due to a skin condition that will clear after a few weeks of tanning, otherwise it causes very itchy, red skin}
New hair {next friday}
Crest whitestrips
running more
girls night now and then
try for a date night once a week w/a babysitter
cutting out fried/greasy food
cooking more meals at home {mostly new recipes}

I will keep updating as much as I can on my progress


Christina said...

Good for you!
I need to start taking better care of myself too.
Keep us updated :)

californiadreamin said...

This my friend, is pretty amazing. I love this and I think its a brilliant idea. I started something similar once Troy was born (white strips, hair done) and I just recently sorta started it back up again. Im also committing to running more since I loved it before I was preggers

Shannon Dew said...

I think that sounds like something I need to do too! Great idea mama! Oh & I wanna come to GNO!

Mandy said...

Good for you! As moms we all need to make sure to take time for ourselves!

CookingwithVictoria said...

That sounds great! Everyone needs to take time out for their self! A good bible study book you should get is called "Living a Life of Balance". It is an amazing study, and it's week by week, and doesn't take too much time out of your day but it really helps! :) Keep up with your me time!

Emmett Katherine said...

My sister's a married mom of two, so I get how crazy things can get! It sounds like you're all about balance :)

5th Belle Avenue said...

Love the list!! GO YOU!!!!!! :)

Jamie@HandlingWithGrace said...

Your list above is almost identical to mine!