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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's true.. I gave it up

Well as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end..

I have given up CLOTH DIAPERING

I'm sure you all may be gasping since I was such a big advocate so I have listed my reasons:

When I first started I had a top loading washing machine the kind you could throw all of the diapers in and let them soak over night, I developed a pattern of how I would do it, then hang them to dry and it was working out well. Then we got new W&D stackable front loading.. you know the kind that don't really use any water LOL.  

I still felt like a needed them to soak so I started putting them in the bathtub with water, (this was at our old house, with only one bathroom) that caused a bit of a problem, when I would forget, and somebody needed to bathe. 

More recently Emmaline was constantly getting rashes, so I began the stripping process and that would clear it up for a while, and then it would return. As soon as I put her in disposables it would go away. 

Once my photography business really picked up I found myself having a hard enough time just washing our clothes let alone the cloth, and then there were the few times I left the wet bag in the car with diapers for a few days... 

All in all, while we had a great time doing it, disposables just seem more convenient for us right now, so thats what we have switched too. 

With that being said.. I am selling all of my diapers, mostly all Fuzzy Bunz if anyone is interested please email me at  

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