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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The one about weight, and Plateau's

I am stuck at the same weight, its been 3 weeks.. I am following a strict 1200 calorie diet, working out, doing the 300 ab challenge, lifting, and lots of strength training.. and NOTHING...

I have even cut out my cheat day, I live for my cheat day, but if I want to see the scale move, then I gotta do it I guess.

I remember hitting this same plateau a few years back on my first weight loss journey, and I remembered having to increase my calories to see a loss, but I was running almost 5 miles a day then (before being a mommy) because I had the time.. now I can only get about 3 maybe 4 runs in a week.

Has anyone tried B12 injections? Please comment if you have, a friend of mine did and she told me it got her right over the hump she was stuck on, but also made her heart race. I would love any info that you may have.


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CookingwithVictoria said...

I have not tried B-12 injections, I did have some coworkers do it, and they didn't feel much, and if they did, it was only after they got it for a few days.

I like the Super-B Complex vitamin, NatureMade is the brand, and they work wonders! I love them, I have plenty of energy. It might be cheaper for the vitamins too.

Good luck on breaking away from the Plateau! :)