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Friday, May 4, 2012

A very comfy reward

I work well on the reward system, I was raised that way, with charts, and stickers, and a prize at the end of a "good" week... so it's only fitting for me to set weight loss goals for myself that include rewards.

For my last rewardable goal I promised myself a new pair of comfy pajamas since I totally split the butt of my last once jumping over the couch like super man ans my child tried to jump off of her play kitchen set... (story for another day).

Well I hit that goal, and within seconds of weighing myself, I was on the Victoria Secrets website, picking out what I wanted...

Here is what I chose, and couldn't wait for it to come in!!! Thankfully unlike many other sites I like to order from, VS offers their clothing in LONG sizes, and being almost 6 feet tall this is important!

Since they have come in, I think I have worn them like 4 nights out of te week washing in between.. Im hooked, the shirt is Pima cotton, you know the kind.. like Hollister uses, that you never want to take off!!!!

I love them so much I may just set my next reward as a second pair!!!! No seriously!!!

Which brings me to my next question, do you set goals with rewards, and what should my next reward really be??


Sara Klink said...

Great idea! I have my eye on a necklace that may be my reward! I'm running to hit a new distance goal and hopefully lose a few more pounds in the process.

Mel said...
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Molly said...

Congrats! Fantastic job. I don't reward myself, but if I did I may hit my goal weight!