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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Oh that Dog

So let's just talk for a minute about how during the day my community is incredibly quiet. Most houses are empty with kids in school/daycare, and parents at work, sure there are a few SAHMs, and others who work from home, but for the most part its pretty quiet.


For that dog.... no it's not a yippy dog down the street, or a dog left out too long that barks at the back door, it is in fact my nextdoor neighbors dog, don't forget I live in a town house.. we share  a wall.... it's their dog.

As soon as they leave for the day it starts, no not barking... but howling... and it doesn't end until they get home.

This howling I speak of, is coming from a dog that is in an unfinished basement, so it echos pretty bad, and when reaching its highest pitch sound much like a firetruck, ALL DAY LONG.

I would talk to them about it, but that would make no sense.. since I mentioned that the dogs barking on the back porch at 1 in the morning, was a bit too much.. and they just laughed it off...

So for now, there is howling!


Catie said...

Just found your blog and love it! I'm now following along. :) That would drive me bat shit crazy. My neighbor has a dog that yaps constantly outside until he let's him in but at least its not howling all day. Bless your heart.

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