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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh the Tree!

Yesterday we went to the tree farm to get the Christmas Tree, well it was much of an on the whim kind of decision, a bad one at that, you see Emmaline was not exactly "dressed" for the occasion, I of course wanted to photograph the events, and had no camera.. but we did it anyway. 

She had no gloves or hat, but I pulled her hood up tucker her hands in her pockets and we made a dash for the tree, the wind was horrible, like take your breath away cold, so we quickly picked one and that was that. 

They loaded it on the top of my 1 week old Nissan Pathfinder which even though nobody can see the roof of  my car, I had to take a bit of a deep breath as I heard it roll across the top. 

I'm pretty sure Emmaline consumed 8 possibly 10 mini candy canes while waiting for the boy scout that was helping to learn how to tie a knot, oh for the love.. today is Christmas Tree day, not teach your new help how to tie the knot.. I got a toddler in the car whos now hopped up on sugah and wont shut her mouth, lets move it people. 

Emmaline cried the whole way home, as she did not understand that we had the tree strapped on top, she was convinced that we left it there at that farm, I cried the whole way home because I did understand that it was strapped on top of my brand new car.. 

We pulled it inside, and set it in the stand. some of the bottom branches needed to be trimmed as they were touching the floor, and we all know the best part of having a live tree, is sliding your head under it to look up the inside and tree gaze, so of course we had to do that! 

Once Hubs trimmed them, Emmaline said in a very concerned tone, "You bwoke ma twee daddy", and then as if a light bulb went on, she ran toward her toys and said " It ok, I fik (fix) it wit my Dok-er kit" and sat down next to the tree with her play doctor kit in hand. Oh be still my heart, this kids gets me everytime!

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