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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This week I'm saying so what to: 

So What Wednesday

  1. I have only come up with one gift that I want from hubs and it's lame, its an insulated coffee mug. 
  2. I have not purchased the 25 books, to wrap for the 25 days of Christmas yet. 
  3. We have stockings , but no stocking hangers for the mantle, so they are not hung
  4. I have a pile of xmas decor still waiting to go up, every day I say tomorrow
  5. I still have not address the xmas cards to go out yet
  6. I have a bunch of pinterest crafts to make but no supplies for them
  7. I still have not purchased one gift for hubs, but EVERYONE else is done being shopped for
  8. have not, and possibly do not plan to make christmas cookies this year, I'm scared I will eat them
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