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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So What Wednesday

I am linking up with the fabulous, & fun Shannon from L.A.I.D, for So What Wednesday!!!

So pals, here is what I am Saying SO WHAT to on this fine Wednesday Afternoon, that I am praying goes by quickly because tonight is, Moms Night Out..... Wait .. how in the heck did I get to that? I used to look forward to ladies night, half price cover, and $1 drinks for the ladies... Now, I look forward to Moms Night Out, I remember pre-baby.. thinking MNO was where a bunch a frumpy women got together and couponed or knitted or something... Oh HEEEEECK to the NO... these foxy mama's have way more fun then my 21 year old self ever did... and lemme just tell you...... get a few mama's together who haven't been out without a kiddo in a while, to have all adult convo, mixed will all adult beverages.... and welllllllll, party gets going fast!!!!!

Anyway- SO WHAT if:

  • There is more laundry in baskets screaming to be washed then in my drawers or closet
  • Half of my house still has Indian corn and pumpkins, while the other half is decorated in red, white, and green. It's called a transition of seasons people!!
  • I def wore these same jeans yesterday... lets face it friends.. shirt, bras, sock, sweaters, these things all need to be washed, but jeans... jeans can go for a while... AND... they are A pocket sevens... and super cute... they have to be worn!
  • I NEED to vac the carpets so stinking bad, but a contractor is coming to fix the leak this afternoon said I just figured it will need to be done again, so I skipped that task. 

Thats what I have got for today, oh yea.... did I mention tonight is M.I.L.F.'s  moms night out!

What are you saying SO WHAT to today, go link up with Shannon!


Traci said...

Shirts and sweater can be worn again too, especially if their is a tank top underneath.

Mommy Mandy said...

Enjoy your night out!