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Friday, December 14, 2012

Hold them tight

My heart is heavy, and broken. 

I try to sit an reflect on the happenings of a day like today, and I just cannot. There are no words that can be said, no press conferences released, or memorials held that will bring back those children who are gone forever. 

The thought alone of standing outside of a school building waiting for my baby to come running out, and to not see them, to wait a bit longer, and still no sight of them, and then to hear that they are dead inside of that building. In that very moment, my world would shatter. It would cease to exist. 

The thought of 20-ish families in their homes tonight alone, or without their "Emmalines" to tuck into bed, and read a bedtime story too, I cannot even comprehend. 

I do rest in the peace of knowing those children are safe in their heavenly fathers arms, away from the pain and suffering their final moments on earth had for them. 

A day like this causes me to hold my quick reactions, and instead respond lightly. To think about my words and how they will rest with those I love during the period of time when I do not see them. I want to be more patient with my 2 year old, and think of things from her perspective, and not expect too much from her too soon. To kiss and hug on her every second that I get. 

Let today be a remind to us, that life should not be taken for granted, that it is a gift given to us. That Children are the greatest gift from God and should be treated as such. 

Tonight when you are rushing through your bedtime routine, take a moment to tell those who are the closest to you, just how much you really love the, and appreciate them. 
Kiss your husbands, hug your babies, and pray to God or peace. 

Photo Credit : Jen Poist

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