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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Recipe, some wants, and just chatter

Easy Garlic Chicken 

You only need 4 things:
4 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
4 Garlic Cloves minced
4 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
3 teaspoons Olive oil. 

Whatcha gotta go:
preheat oven to 450
saute garlic and oil until tender
remove from heat, and stir in sugar
place chicken breast in casserole dish and coat with mixture
add salt and pepper to taste
cook for 25-30 mins



Let's talk about things I'm kinda wanting....

First of all, I freakin LOVE this skirt from Kiki La'Rue
Sadly, It's sold out :(

Kinda wanting some new boots, but just cannot find exactly what I want. 

I also love these pants from VS, however... I do not like purple... why cant they have them in black. 

I super de duper love these puffy vest's from Forever 21, whats even better?? They are only $15 instead of the original $42... 


This is my last BUSY week of work, and then I hit a nice little break for the Holidays... yes I have a few newborns due to be born then but thats it!!!!!

The fam and I are headed on a little vacay to Great Wolf Lodge..... oh crap.... it just hit me, I gotta put a bathing suit on, in decemeber... not good, not good at all 


Shannon Dew said...

So I've been wanting one of those puffer vests {J thinks they're hot} and that just may be the ticket! I have that skirt from KLR and it is awesome! I hope they get more in for you!

"B" said...

I have a whole closet of puffer vests. LOVE them and so easy to add to outfits! Love this one and the shirt under it! I think I am going to have to go hit up Forever 21 now, or maybe put it on my Santa Clause list!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

love that stripey skirt - so bummed it's sold out!