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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Like trying to catch lightning in a bottle

I have recently been reading the blog "A Holy Experience" and I encourage you to read along too. There are many times that I find myself by the end of the post somewhat relating, sometimes in tears, and other times needing to call a friend to apologize, or send my husband a txt message to encourage his day. Whatever the outcome is, I can tell you that I would never thing of the time I spend reading this lovely corner of the web wasted, in fact I have now been scheduling time into my life to read it. 

Today while reading it, I came across a recommendation on the site for the book " Sparkly Green Earings" the concept of the book sounded intriguing so I clicked the link to read more. I saw a beautiful video that captured my heart as it had a small girl on it and told about the mama wanting to remember each day and moment as it happened with her daughter, a place I find myself in. 

So I decided to order it, especially after the writer went on to say that she thinks motherhood is "much like trying to catch lightning in a bottle" isn't that the truth! 

I jumped on over to my favorite site for ordering just about anything, and as usual Amazon didn't let me down. The book was just under $10, and I have prime so free shipping... sounds great to me.. I am excited for it to come in.. but it also got me thinking after watching this video

That I need to record more memories, but not through an iphone video or photographs that we all know that I love so much, but through my own mama words that one day my sweet girl can relive the moments through my eyes, and know just how much my heart was exploding at those moments, when from a dark quiet nursery as I was walking out and closing the door I hear " I love you too mama". 

So I will begin journaling more to keep those records not only for myself but for this darling girl as well!

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An Inviting Home said...

I hadn't come across the holy experience blog yet...thanks for sharing!