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Friday, April 26, 2013

On Poop, and a bad case of the Nakies....

This post will not include pictures, which yes is normally pretty sad... but given the topic... you will thank me..

My 2.5 year old (However if you ask her she is "Half and 2") Has recently become obsessed with poop??? What is this about? I mean seriously I thought that was a boy thing, I mean we all baby dolls and princesses over here, not poop talking. I mean I do realize that everyone poops, but I never thought that my little girly girl would be all over that. She is so excited every day when she poops on the potty and....... wants everyone to come look at it. Gross right?!?!.... She will say things like " I poop big like a man poop" Or " Look at dis mom, its like a bear size poopie". Are sentences like this normal? We do not encourage this, however in a way I guess we kind of do, since we always made such a big deal about pooping on the potty during potty training???? This is a stage I am totally excited about her growing out of.

While we are talking about stages, we cannot leave out this other current one, this is the one that no matter where we are, my kid thinks it totally acceptable to unclothe herself, and run about naked as a .. well you know the rest.

Thankfully we have been able to get through to her on how being naked in public, while it may be hilarious one cannot continue doing this as it becomes an arrest-able offence. You think I'm kidding? Well cop dad totally mentioned the arrest part... then went on to explain what arrest means, to which I interjected with " what should we make for dinner?", and well you know men, his mindset suddenly shifted and we were on to a new topic. So while it looks like shes not gonna grow up to be arrested for public indecency... well hopefully... she still will walk right into the house, and start taking off her pants like one would remove shoes or a jacket after entering their home. She has even suggested... " Mom, dust take off yours pants we iz in our house now".... and every day, I tell her the same thing about why we keep our clothes one... and it just seems to be in one ear and out the other... But, then I thought.. well I may as well let her get it out of her system now instead of waiting until she is 13.... right?!?!

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Traci said...

I laughed out loud about her poop comments! Those are awesome!

Hadley told me today she has a crack in her butt and she wanted me to smell it, say what?!?!