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Friday, August 2, 2013

The monkey that lives with me

Sounds like a funny title right? But this, is no joke... 

This kid is crazy, she hangs from everything, climbs up everything, and will jump from one thing to another...

Everytime I turn around she has stacked things together so she can climb on them to get up to something else... or she climbing up the outside of the stairs. 

Don't get me wrong I know kids should be adventurous but this, this is just beyond what my mama heart can handle... or our medical insurance, I keep seeing ER trips just waiting to happen. 

She is sweet as pie, and loves to snuggle, but she is a total monkey!

In other news, I am headed to Dallas TX next week, and I really dont want to wait around at the baggage claim, so I'm going to try to pack everything I need for 3 days in a carry on bag, I'm not sure its possible but worth a shot I guess. 
Any tips???

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