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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A real one!

My 2 year old, Emmaline is completely obsessed with Disney Princesses. I mean how can you not right, I wouldn't mind being one for a day either, but would chose Cinderella, and get some new shoes!!! Anyway, last night our church held a "trunk - or - treat" and we went, we went from car to car and got our candy. Each car was decorated differently, one was candyland, with giant lollipops, another like Doc Mcstuffins, and another with NFL ravens. Emmaline was enjoying filling up her bucket with candy, when suddenly she saw it, her eyes locked in, and right there and then she wasn't interested in candy any longer.

Far in the distance, we saw a beauty step out of a vehicle, in her beautiful golden yellow dress, and her long strawberry brunette hair. Emmaline exclaimed " A Princess mama, a real princess."
We walked over, and sure was Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. She bent down and took Emmalines hand, and then...... picked her up. Em was in heaven, she had a smile from ear to ear. A real princess was holding her, and even wanted a picture with her.

we quickly moved along, but for the rest of the night all we heard about was the "real" princess, who picked her up. In fact every family member who called to see how her trick - or- treating went, heard something like this.

" a Pin-sess was der, and hers holded me, a REAL one"


Traci said...

Look at her eyes! She's in awe!

Hadley is very into princesses right now too.

Shannon Dew said...

OMG so cute! Oh and still loving you as a brunette, like a lot!

Meghan said...

So precious!!! I love it!!!

Mrs Not So Newlywed said...

Girl take that child to Disney World, while she's still FREE! I can help you plan, my parents are former cast members and I grew up there, trust me, I know all the deals!