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Friday, December 7, 2012

A must have in your closet.

So remember THIS post, when I talked about my most recent Kiki La'Rue purchase?

Well the VERY next day, the package arrived... talk about fast shipping!!!

I got the dress, which I have not yet worn, but that... is not what this post is about..

See this Scarf
Please do yourself a favor and run, do not walk over to her shop, 

It seems like no matter what I am wearing, this scarf COMPLETES the outfit...

Check it out!

Don't laugh at my strange Left hand, I was reaching down to a certain 2 year old, who was about to create something with clorox wipes!!!

but anyway...  I seriously LOVE this scarf, I already had a extreme obsession mild affection for scarves to begin with.. but usually they are either super comfy but not that cute, or Very cute.. but itchy as all get out... no this one.. it could totally go in the pajama department for its comfy ranking!!!


J and A said...

I have that one in cream!!! LOVE! It's so soft! I bought others as gifts too but I kinda want to keep them!! ha ha Yours looks great on you!

Mommy Mandy said...

LOVE it!

Shannon Dew said...

OK that one I was a little iffy about when I saw the pics but seeing YOU in it, it's totally cute!!!