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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And then it was gone...

There are so many times that I sit down to create a fantastic post about a moment, or an experience... I have so many details, so much to express. But for me unless I write it as soon as it happens, the moment seems gone and it gets stacked on top of the 100 other things that I have to do that day. 


This moment, was magical and must be written about. 

It was valentines day, Emmaline left for preschool (I say that like she grabbed the keys and drove off, unlike what really happened that I drove here there and walked her in). While she was out her daddy had court (Not like baby daddy court, or busted while drunk court... we don't roll like that, hes a cop.. so hes always in court and I sometimes wonder what people think when I just say " Oh he was at court", those who don't know his employment status may think to themselves "Again?!?!") after court he went shopping for Valentines gifts, om valentines day.. typical man. He came home shortly before I left to pick E up from school with a pile of what looked like the hallmark store and Hershey world got together and had a baby. 

I brought Emmaline home from school, and as she walked up the steps I heard " Oh mines gosh, you buyed dis for me daddy" then I heard the sound of running footsteps across the kitchen floor, and then " I weally iz a pincess" . 

I came up the steps to find a large bouquet of flowers with only feet sticking out from the bottom ad they covered over the rest of her body. The flowers and small feet ran toward me, and yelled "Look what mines daddy buyed me, mines own fwowerz"

She was thrilled and couldnt believe she got them, she didn't even stop to realize that he had gotten her a balloon, candy, a card, and a doll that danced and shaked its booty to music when you squeezed it hand.  All that mattered to this girl was the warm fuzzies she felt that her daddy had gotten her a bouquet of flowers. 

I suddenly brought me back to those feeling of my own, from this tiny 2 year olds daddy, once upon a time too.. about 9 years ago.. when I walked to my car after class while attending college in frigid-snowland-where-the-sun-never-shines-and-the-wind-howls-all-night, New York... After walking over the hill and to the freshmen car lot, my legs had already turned to icicles and I couldn't really feel my nose, nor blink my eyes as they were frozen in the open position, I opened the door and there on my seat was a bouquet of roses, with a note that read.. " I may just fail my classes because of you".. (now thinking back to that... buddy, come up with some better lines, fo realz...  but to my school girlish infatuated heart... it was like he had written " I don't wanna close my eyes, I don't wan't fall alseep... cuz I miss you babe", you all do realize that even though I didn't type it you totally just sang "and I don't wanna miss a thing" after the previous line. 

I picked those flowers up, and suddenly the same rush came over me that came over my two your old on valentines day, My prince had thought of me, purchased these flowers, and could have given them to any girl he pleased but he chose me, when I grow up I'm gonna marry that guy. 

And Well I did!

Of course the same won't go for my daughter, but.... In my mom heart that never wants to see her grow I would much rather her mention marring her daddy, then the thought that one day another guy will leave flowers for her. 

(Flowers pictured above were those given on Valentines Day)

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Callie Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, that makes me want to cry - how precious! She's a lucky little girl to have a thoughtful dad like that. :-)