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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dolphin Show

A few weeks back we had the chance to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It's such a beautiful place right on the harbor, with 4 or 5 levels of animals, and fish, and birds, and sharks... and Dolphins!! We usually always miss the dolphin shows since we take advantage of the Friday after 5 special, in which the $35 tickets become $12. Shockingly the times of the exciting exhibits seems to change a bit during these sales, gotta watch those marketing skills. This time we went though, a show was just about to start, we grabbed our seat in the very last row of the "splash zone" I mean we like to live on the edge and all, but it was seriously 12 degrees outside, I'm not trying to turn into a Popsicle on the walk to parking garage. (I'm not even kidding, 12 degrees, if you are reading this from some extreme southern state, don't just pass that by.. you seriously have no idea how rough 12 degrees is, unless you have potty trained a toddler.. then well, nothing is really rough after that).

We watched the beautiful show with dolphins twirling in the air, and diving backwards, Emmaline was loving it. As usuall I was forced into playing a round of 20 questions, to which I possibly knew the answer to maybe one of them. " What is the hole on hims head called" and " Why is dat dolphins dat color, why him not green", take it easy on me kid, I studied Nursing, not marine biology. Suddenly she stopped asking questions, and I was wondering just what she could be thinking about that she would quickly want an answer to?? Thats when she asked it " Mama, where them butt is, and where thems poopy goes" Ya kidding.. lets go back to why arent they green.. So I made up a location of where the poop comes from and then told her that they poop in the water like all fish do. She looked at me, wrinkled her nose in the fashion that she does when we pass the water treatment facility, and then exclaimed loudly.. " MOM... Dem guuurls iz in dere swiming wis da dolphins, and iz swimmin in dere poo poo".

There ya have folks, ever you ever dreamed about becoming or already are a dolphin trainer, no offence but my two year old is highly disgusted by what she thinks your main job description involves. To be honest though.. it is kind of gross.

Ever since that day, my child, who I might add has recently developed a heightened state of imagination. I mean.. if you sit down at the dinner table she will scream "Mommmmmmmm, GET UP!!! You just sat on belle, or cinderbella, or sophia the first", will now ask me to join her in the dolphin bath (our living room floor) and " do dolphin show" or " be dolphin twainer" with her. She will then pretend to be the great dolphin "Shampoo"... see shes obsessed, she wants to watched sea-world videos on you tube, and tells everyone about a "bwack dolphin name is Shampoo". She expects me to get goldfish crackers, and make hand gestures to get her to swim away and then comes back for a goldfish "dolphin treat". I bet you are laughing right.. you should see what bath time has turned into, I seriously need a wet suit just to wash her hair.

Sometimes the urge to be a dolphin will hit her in odd locations, such as the grocery store checkout line, and she will begin thrashing around and making the "dolphin bark" sound.. It's really fun, no really I swear,  suddenly the entire store is staring at me, and my kid who is yelling "Immmmmmm Swimming"

Even though it's completely ridiculous  and  sometimes embarrassing, I'm learning to enjoy it, I'm sure that very soon will come a day, when we are buying training bras and she is begging for real make up, and I will long for the day that all she wanted to be was a dolphin.

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