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Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm not even a fan of the dog...

Yes, I said it.. for all of you dog lovers, well... I would say I am sorry but I am not. We can't all love the same things, and animals.. well they don't sit to high on my list of loves, if you know what I mean. Yes, I know I am the stupid one who bought the dog, as a gift for my husband long before baby, and I am also the one, who wouldn't mind another sale transaction with the same dog if ya know what I mean. Having said that Emmaline does love jack (or bubba as she has decided to call him). So since I show such extreme affection for the canine in my life, I am not sure at all how I was talked into the purchasing of a baby bunny just in time for Easter...

I needed a bunny for my spring mini photo shoot I was holding and then, somehow.. We ended up in petco buying a cage, food, a litter box, etc...  these dang things are 'spensive!!!!

But like all things I detest, my daughter is in love with this bunny.. whom she has affectionately named, "Pepper" Why I have no clue as he is a smokey shade of gray, but pepper it is!

She seriously wants to be with the bunny   ALL. DAY. LONG.

By the looks of things, I am not sure that pepper returns the feelings, after being squeezed a bit to hard a few times, and possibly picked up by his "Handles" as em called it... which turned out to be his ears.. I can understand why.

We try to tell her every day to be gentle, and not feed him cheetos, and that he doesn't need his eyes scratched, and that he really doesn't want to be dressed in babydoll clothes, but I'm pretty sure she things we are joking.

Suddenly I am realizing why the suggested age for children to own small pets is 4-5 years old. So we are working on it, with some guidance, and she seems to be doing better! She is now giving him his lettuce veggies, before sneaking him a fruit snack... thats  good step, veggies first.. see she does listen to some of the things I say..

She is also getting really good at cleaning up after him, and anytime she lets him out on the kitchen floor to run around, she will pick up his little "droppings" with a baby wipe, and the try to scrub the floor..

I think we should at least keep him until Easter, and then that may be a great exit time.. you know he could leave with the easter decorations, just like Santa went back to the north pole... Genius.. I kid I kid... maybe :)

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