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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Surgery Again....

After a day of Doctors visits, that were HORRIBLE, I mean Im not really sure there are much worse things then holding down a 2 year old while they scream at the doctors office for 10 minutes that felt like hours.. Im really not sure who cried more, but, we were given the news that more surgery is needed, Emmas tubes never fell out of her ears, and are now causing her ears more pain, and creating an issue for her eardrums.. she may need two surgery to fix everything. While I do realize that these are short surgeries, they are still surgery and then thought of having to put my baby under anesthesia again is terrifying.

At this point, I could worry every day about it, or I could know that she is in the loving arms of Jesus, and he will take care of my girl. That all is still so sad though, and While I do find peace and strength in knowing he will protect her, my momma heart still really hurts for what is ahead, and seeing my baby like that again.

This all will also prevent her from being in the pool for much of the summer, which is also upsetting because she asks about it every single day, in such anticipation. So we will have to find other exciting things to do this summer instead.

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