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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

ummm help?

This is my single mom week, (for those who don't know, cop husband works shift work, so every other week he is pretty much non existent to our family, and this all becomes a one parent show) and I can always tell when it's getting close to the end of the shift, because there are lots of empty wine bottles in the recycle bin    I tend to get a bit short.... wicked if you will. I also operate without much of a brain...

Let's take yesterday for example...
Left the house thought I was doing good... WRONG
forgot the whole bag of snacks, and the sippy, and the (just in case ) paci ... dont even judge me on that last one. 
Then I got to the car realized that I don't have a purse... at this point I'm thinking.. If I left everything I was supposed to bring wouldn't I have noticed that my hands were empty, WRONG... because they were not! I have an almost 3 year old in one arm, and half of build-a-bear in the other, oh and we have to be careful how we hold "baby" the imaginary friend... she has lots of boo-boos and no matter how I pick her up, I always tend to hurt the boo-boos. 

SO we grabbed everything, drove to the store, and had no list.. thankfully half of it was on a note in my iphone, the other half on the chalkboard wall. BOOOOOO

please somebody tell me that I am not the only one? 

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Shannon Dew said...

Well I would blame it on pregnancy brain but for you? I guess it's just momnesia! And I'm dying over the imaginary friend, OMG too funny!!!